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Date Ideas with Your Kids on Valentine's Day

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Red, purple, pink and heart-shaped candy, oh my!  Valentine's Day is in the least, around here!  No wonder my little girl loves this holiday, it's filled with all her favorite things. I forgot to mention the small and giant-sized fluffy teddy bears that she adores, too!  It's a fun holiday and I know not everyone celebrates it. I think this holiday doesn't have to be just for lovers and couples, however, it's a sweet day to show someone you care about (like grandparents, aunts and friends), that they're important to you. It's also the perfect day to shower a special little person in your life if you're a parent. You know who I'm talking about - your mini sweetheart who stole your heart that day he or she was born! Spend some time with your child this Valentine's with these easy and fun date ideas that I'm sharing today over at Jacksonville Moms Blog. There are some ideas that you can apply to wherever you live, not just in Jacksonville!

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Date Ideas to Honor the Little Sweetheart in Your Life

From flowers to chocolate and candy, there's tons of creative and fun stuff you can do with your child on this special day.  It doesn't have to be expensive or too fancy since he or she will most likely just enjoy the time you spend together.

Flowers: A Traditional Valentine's Day Gift


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Simple ideas like taking your child to walk in a pretty garden to admire the flowers and talk or take cute photos can be a special time to bond on Valentine's Day.  It can be in your backyard or at a park or public garden in your town.

Cummer Gardens, Jacksonville 

Here in my town of Jacksonville, we have a pretty one that I love to visit at Cummer Museum of Arts and Garden.  The Jacksonville Zoo also has a beautiful garden to walk around at and take in the lush scenery.

Inside the Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens where children can be educated on art.  My kids love this place, interesting and fun things to do and explore. 

Let's Have A Picnic

Don't forget about a tea party or picnic.  If it's too cold outside, you can stay inside and create a picnic scene or tea party with Valentine's colors, heart-shaped food like sandwiches and fruits cut with heart or flower cookie cutters.  (Pssst...don't forget the sweets, too like cupcakes or cookies).

Dinner and a Movie

How about a classic date that kids will never tire of like a dinner and movie.  You can stay in if you like and enjoy some classic Valentine's Day-themed movies that are kid-appropriate after dinner.  Many children's movies can work as a Valentine's Day movie to watch.  Some of my favorites that seem more for Valentines are Lady and the Tramp, Brave since it's focused on the love and relationship between a mother and daughter and Nemo is between a father and son's relationship.

 Valentine's Books and Story Time


Books are fun to read for Valentine's Day especially if you have a child who is learning how to read like my son.  Head over to your local library or bookstore.  Many libraries and bookstores have storytime for young children.  Check their schedule for Valentine's Day weekend and they may already be reading a Valentine-related story.

Get Artsy-Crafty with Love

Arts and Crafts are fun to do on Valentine's Day, too.  Create paper hearts, Valentine cards, paint a picture, draw or write a love not to one another.  Make puppets - maybe have a Valentine puppet show?? -  Get creative and if your child is old enough, ask her what she would like to make.  We made some melted crayon hearts, Valentine's cards and a banner so far.

Father-Daughter Dance or Mom and Son's Night Out


I know that our local Chili's restaurant actually has Dad and Daughter Night and Mother and Son Night.  Some churches have dances for fathers and daughters if that's something your child would enjoy.  My little girl and hubby went on a father-daughter dance when my little girl was barely two.  She danced, ate dinner and they took their picture.  It was a beautiful experience for them!

Food and Sweet Treats


Cook and is always a good idea!  You can take your little sweetie out for some sweets or bond in the kitchen while you whip up a treat.  Keep it simple so she can help out or won't get too overwhelmed.  I know my daughter loves to do the pouring and mixing of flour, sugar and dry ingredients.  My son is old enough to know how to pour wet ingredients and crack the eggs.  We've been baking some sugar cookies and M&M cookies.  We've also made a couple cheesecakes and cupcakes.  We'll be working on brownies soon...yum!

I can go on and on about more easy activities to do with kids here but instead, I'd love for you to show some love over at my very first post I wrote for Jacksonville Moms Blog since I've joined their team!

What date ideas do you have in mind or are planning with your kids? I'd love to hear about it!

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