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Pop Up Some Family Fun with Pop Secret Popcorn

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Pop Secret Popcorn Brings Families Together

What pops in your head when you think of popcorn?  For me, it's movies, carnivals, the fair and basically the word, 'fun' comes to mind!  As a parent, popcorn for me now goes hand in hand with family time including sitting together to enjoy a family-friendly movie, playing board games or sharing a sweet snack by combining combine two of my favorites: chocolate and popcorn.  Pop Secret is encouraging families to join in on the fun by creating a pillow fort to fuel your imagination and take you and your family on an exciting adventure!  Join in on this fun idea and share it with Pop Secret through their Facebook page for a chance to win a fun prize pack and other rewards!

***Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today's discussion!  I only share products and services that I believe will benefit my readers and always keep my readers' interests in mind when I promote information.  I enjoyed this campaign and know you and your family will, too!  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  See my full Disclosure Policy.  Thank you!***

#PopSecretForts Brings Together Imagination and Adventure

movie night, family night, family time

Since  my kids are still young, we spend many weekend nights staying in and just enjoying one another's company for family time.  That's why my kids and I were super excited to be a part of this campaign because we eat popcorn at least once a week, usually on the weekends while we have movie or game night.  This past weekend, we decided on purchasing the caramel flavor Pop Secret popcorn and Butter flavor to enjoy for a pillow fort-building-movie night.  Our movie of choice was, "Hook."  It was a great family movie and it was the first time the kids have seen it.  I love how that movie shows the importance of being there for your family and of course, it's based off of the classic, "Peter Pan," so my kids loved the adventurous pirate and lost boys story line! 

Check out some photos we took while building the pillow fort to prepare for our movie and fun tips for building your own pillow fort:

Step 1: Pop up your favorite Pop Secret Popcorn, there's a variety of flavors to suit everyone's preference!

family movies, snacks, family time

Step 2: Decide what you will be using to build your pillow fort.  Ideas include: pillows, chairs, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals and even a crib like what we used!

The crib belonged to our daughter.  She has grown out of it and now functions as a love seat in our living room. We decided to use it to transform it into our pillow fort for our movie night adventure.

 Step 3: Add some twinkly lights for more magical fun!

The kids enjoyed putting the fort together and threw in their favorite pillows like this Transformer pillow, alligator pillow and even teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

The kids said, "We're ready now, let's do this!"

Step 4: Get pumped about sharing some tasty Pop Secret popcorn and going on an adventure with the family!  Pop in a movie, play some board games, imagine the fort as a castle, space ship or pirate ship that's taking your family to explore!

They ate some popcorn while building the fort before the movie began.

The kids ate popcorn while building the pillow fort and then we had to pop more for them while watching the movie.  As you can see in the photo below, they couldn't get enough of the crunchy goodness so they kept taking more from one another's bowl!

The movie was fun to watch and we kept grabbing in the bowl for more popcorn.

Important tip:  Make sure you make enough popcorn to eat during the whole movie!  Pop Secret is offering a $1 off coupon you can download here to grab your own box of popcorn.

Share the fun with your pets, too!

Our cat had her own little fort made from the kids' pop up tent:

Popcorn and Family Fun

We had a great night watching "Hook" and snacking on some yummy popcorn.  It reminded me of how soon kids grow up and that using your imagination to create a cozy pillow fort is a priceless family experience.  The kids are still talking about our fort and have become more interested in Peter Pan's story.  They also associate family night with munching on popcorn no matter if it's watching a movie or playing board games together.

Now, it's your turn!  What kind of fort will you and your kids build and what family fun will you have with Pop Secret popcorn?

Share your own pillow fort and Pop Secret Popcorn family fun!

Share your photos and stories until February 10, 2015 on the Pop Secret Facebook page for a chance to win cool prizes, rewards and don't forget to download the $1 off coupon for your popcorn available on the Facebook page.  

About Pop Secret 

"Pop Secret is your perfect snack companion on trips into the uncharted reaches of your imagination. 

Pop Secret knows that fun, like popcorn, is better when it’s shared. Send Pop Secret your pillow fort stories and pictures on Facebook. You can upload them right to the Pop Secret timeline and tag them #PopSecretForts. They might just share a little something back!"

What type of popcorn flavor is your favorite?

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Happy popping!

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