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Introducing Sun Pacific Cuties for McDonald's Happy Meals {Giveaway}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Happy Meals Now Have Sun Pacific Cuties

Happy Meals is a brilliant name, isn't it?   I know those two words used to get me excited as a child and my kids have shown how happy those Happy Meals make them, too!  As a parent, the best part about Happy Meals are the more nutritious options that are now included.  McDonald's is striving to make sure that Happy Meals include more nutritious options like the new addition of  Sun Pacific Cuties Clementine Oranges.  If your children or grandchildren enjoy Happy Meals, keep reading below to hear about the healthier side choices and enter the giveaway for a chance to receive free Happy Meal vouchers!

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Sun Pacific Cuties Clementine Oranges and McDonald's - A Happy Combination


My children enjoy citrus tastes from fruit like oranges and tangerine.  Therefore, they were thrilled to learn that they would be receiving free Happy Meal vouchers to try out the new addition of Sun Pacific Cuties Clementine Oranges in the McDonald's Happy Meals.  
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Fun Facts About the Fresh Cuties and Reasons Why Kids and Parents Love Them:

  • They are California-grown
  • Kid-sized (perfect for little hands and mouths to hold and eat)
  • Offer an excellent source of vitamin C (provides about one-quarter cup of fruit)

Clementine Oranges, Ninja Turtles

The kids couldn't wait to visit their local McDonald's to use the Happy Meal vouchers once they arrived in the mail.  They chose the Sun Pacific Cuties with their meal to try it out and ended up loving them!  I tried a couple to see how they tasted, too.  They were fresh, tasty and the perfect size for kids.  My little girl even asked for more!  Luckily, the Fresh Cuties are available to buy a la carte so no need to buy another Happy Meal just to get clementine oranges...unless you want to, of course!

My daughter always chooses McDonald's McNuggets and my son prefers the hamburger (pickles and ketchup only) for his Happy Meal.  As a parent, my children's nutrition is important and we usually eat at home where we cook our own meals to make sure our kids are getting the proper nutrition they need.  

It's nice, however, to go out every now and then to get kid-friendly meals like Happy Meals for the kids.  We all know that after a few years, these little ones won't be eating them so I'm okay with my kids enjoying them while they can.  While they are still eating Happy Meals, I appreciate knowing that healthier choices like apple slices and clementine oranges are there for them to munch on along with their hamburgers.  Go-Gurt is also another option to eat with the Happy Meal.  See more about McDonald's commitment to kids' nutrition on their website and the Moms ' Quality Correspondents
These Sun Pacific Cuties will be available at McDonald's until March 2015 when peak season is over.

Have your kids tried Sun Pacific Cuties with their Happy Meals?  I wanted to give others a chance to enjoy these clementine oranges, too!  I shared the vouchers with friends and family and now I'd love to share them with one lucky winner here.  Score some free Happy Meal vouchers for little ones in your life by entering the giveaway below!  

Enter the Giveaway!

Here are the giveaway prizes: 1 McDonald's tote bag, a notebook with a pen and 2 Happy Meal vouchers. 

Sun Pacific Cuties

Giveaway, Sun Pacific Cuties
McDonald's, Happy Meals

Do your kids prefer Chicken McNuggets or the hamburger?  Please share and let me know in the comments!  

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Happy eating!


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