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Ask Away Friday: Love and Marriage Edition

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Ask Away Friday: Discussing Love, Valentine's Day and Marriage

This week for Ask Away Friday, love is in the air!  Valentine's Day will be here soon and for all the lovebirds out there, it's an exciting time, at least I think so!  Also, my 8th wedding anniversary is coming up next week so for this swap, we're celebrating and discussing love, marriage and Valentine's Day.  I'm swapping with the lovely Bobbie who blogs at Living in Retrospect.  She blogs about ways to save money, blogging, DIY, creative writing and more!  She has a lot of cool things to look through on her site so be sure to head over there to check it out! She and her husband just celebrated their own wedding anniversary in December so I think love and marriage is a perfect topic for us to share this week.  

What's Ask Away Friday?


Ask Away Friday was created by Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom.  It's a great way to connect and get to know other bloggers.  You ask each other ten questions and answer the questions on your own blog. 

Now, let's talk about love!

Here are the questions Bobbie asked me:

1) Who is your inspiration couple? What do you admire about their relationship?

Now that I've been married for awhile, I'm inspired by my parents' relationship.  I see how much my dad loves my mom and he tries not to argue with her.  I never really saw my dad raise his voice to my mom (I'm sure he would have been in trouble!) and my mom has stuck by my dad's side even when I see her frustrated with him.  At the end of the day, I can see how much they love each other and that wins over everything else so that's what I admire about them.

2) What is harder than you anticipated about being married? What is easier than you anticipated? 

What's harder than I anticipated is that I didn't realize how so much of your life and your decisions really will intertwine which I know, I should have known but I just didn't really get it until we were actually sharing our lives.  You end up sharing everything from the bathroom, closet, bedroom and everything else to how you're going to raise your kids and attending events.  That's when we see that we don't always see eye-to-eye on things because we didn't discuss it before hand especially with decisions when it comes to our children.  You have to pause and think about it so that you can find equal footing.   What's easier than I anticipated is being my complete self around him.  I can be goofy or serious and talk to him about how I really feel and I can't do that with anyone else.  

3) What is your definition of true love?  

I'd have to say, love that is unconditional and not selfish, it is  accepting and understanding.

4) What story do you love to tell people about your romance?  

People always ask about how we met and we have our own versions of the story so it's always fun to look back on.  My version is correct, of course, lol!  I met him while he was working in a retail store and spotted him so I thought I would make a new friend.   He looked approachable, friendly and cute so I said, why not?  He claims, however, that I was teasing him when I wasn't.  He misunderstood something I said.  He wasn't being very talkative so I left him alone.  He told me later he was intimidated.   

We went for two weeks or so without talking to each other again because neither of us took down a number.  I thought I would never talk to him after that but coincidentally, I ended up working near him and he came to visit me when a friend of mine tipped him off that I was working there (it was a photography studio).  I didn't want him to think I was interested in him so I just told him I only wanted to practice taking some pictures of him!  He won my heart over, though and since then, we haven't gone one day without talking to each another.

5) What are some traditions that you and your husband have as a couple?  

We try to spend a little time together every night once kids are in bed to watch TV, read a book together or just talk or have some dessert and wine.  We like to visit a new eatery on my hubby's day off during the weekday or try new recipes at home together.  Every anniversary, we do something to celebrate like go out to eat, walk around town or hang out somewhere to get drinks.

6) What is on your bucket list as a couple? 

For our ten year honeymoon, we want to go to Hawaii.  Also for our ten year, we'd like to do a vow renewal so that our kids can be a part of it since they always ask why they didn't go to our wedding.  We also want to eventually vacation in a castle somewhere in Europe, to start doing more volunteer work together outdoors like at our zoo and to do other outdoors activities together including hiking and camping.  

7) What is the best date the two of you have ever been on? 

We both said our honeymoon for this question but I don't know if that really counts.  I remember this Valentine's Date a few years ago when we went to St. Augustine.  I made a picnic for him in a cute basket and I even added some lace to it for my own personal touch because it was just a regular plain basket and I wanted it to look a little more romantic.  I made a dessert and brought wine and wine glasses (even though you're not supposed to at the park...shhh) but it was evening and no one else was out there.  Afterward, we took a horse and carriage ride.  It was so cold but that just made it better since we cuddled up close in this big blanket. 

My hubby reminded me about an anniversary date we went on where we had to bring our son who was at the time, maybe one years old.  Luckily, he slept the whole time.  We were able to enjoy a really nice dinner at this Brazilian restaurant called, Espetos.  They bring out various types of cooked meat every few minutes and you can tell them if you want it or not along with a buffet area that had soup, salad, rice and other sides.  

8) What would be the best Valentine's Day or anniversary gift your hubby could get for you (realistically)? Don't forget to make sure he reads the blog so he knows what to get you...

We were looking at some bracelets at Things Remembered so I would like that since it can be engraved.  I've been wanting to read The 5 Love Languages with him so that can be another book we read together.  Also, a night or day out, possibly one night at a hotel where we don't have to cook or do anything!...Just relax and enjoy one another's company since it's rare we get to do that without interruption.

9) What would be the best Valentine's Day or anniversary gift your hubby could get for you (unrealistically)?  

A cruise to the Bahamas or somewhere like that!  It's been hard for us to plan this since our kids are still so young.  

10) What is the best part of being married?  

Always having someone there on your side, the love and support that you give to each other is priceless.

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Thank you, Bobbi for the fun questions and for swapping with me this week.  Don't forget to head over to Bobbie's site at Living in Retrospect to see how she answered the questions I gave her.  If you would like to join in on the fun for Ask Away Friday, check out the Facebook group page.  

What are some tips or stories you have about your own relationship?  Any plans for Valentine's Day?  Please share and let me know, I'd love to hear them.  

Wishing you all lots of love!

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