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5 Marriage Lessons and Free Marriage Printables

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


In three weeks, my hubby and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary.  As we grow together throughout the years, experiencing new and old things, I'm learning so much about what being married truly means.  It's definitely not the happily ever after type of fairy tale that you grow up dreaming about as a little girl.  In marriage, you make your own realistic picture of what happily ever after is for the both of you. Everyone's relationship is different.  I'm sharing five lessons I've learned through my own marriage and also want to share a few articles that I've written previously about marriage and relationships.  Included in this post are some marriage printables I put together of marriage quotes, too.  These are quotes that reflect my own beliefs on marriage.  Feel free click on the image to print them out for your own use!

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Marriage Lessons

1. Fall in Love...and Stay In Love

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

I first heard this quote from one of my college professors.  I took a class on the human condition and this is something he said about being married.  I was not married at the time but my husband and I were already dating and I'm sure I had already fallen in love with him.  My professor explained that if you can fall in love with one person, then it is easy enough to fall in love with someone else.  The trick in marriage is to keep falling in love with that one person everyday.

Relationships, Couples, Marriage Quotes

Relationships, Anniversary, Marriage Quotes

2. Marriage Goes In Waves

One of my favorite places to be is the beach.  I enjoy looking out into the ocean and watching the waves do their thing. One of our first memorable dates was sitting at the beach, laughing and joking with one another.   Years later, my hubby proposed to me at that same beach while we were watching the waves crashing against the pier.

Relationships, Marriage Quotes, Anniversary

Since being married for several years now, I see how marriage, like the ocean, goes in waves, too. There's going to be the calm water during the marriage but you can also expect high tide and fierce waves to knock you down.  This has happened plenty of times in my marriage and my hubby and I both realize that that is normal.  It doesn't mean your marriage is a failure.  It's the raw reality of marriage; it's not always smooth sailing.

We've learned that containing our egos is a big part of it, too.  We need to place our egos on the shelf and not throw it in each other's face because marriage isn't about ourselves as individuals but working as a team and putting the needs of the team (marriage) first.  It doesn't mean to give up your identity or who you are but to work together and not against one another.  In our pre-marital class, they explained that in an argument, if one of us wins, we both lose.

3. Threads Hold a Marriage Together, Not a Ball and Chain 

"Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years."

I think this is a beautiful way to explain marriage.  Growing old together and being married is like being sewn together, thread by thread.  I feel like I'm slowly being pieced together with my hubby, as the years go by in our marriage, creating a blanket or a quilt.  Therefore, in a way, another trick to keep your marriage strong is to not let the threads loosen!  

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4. Perfection in Marriage Means Not Giving Up

No one is perfect and I've learned by now that I shouldn't expect my spouse to be perfect either.  No prince charming is flawless and if he is at first, expect to see his flaws and imperfections as you continue your marriage.  Yes, that is a frustrating reality to embrace but I've accepted now that it is true and I'm sure it goes both ways!

It's not fair that you should expect your husband or wife to never make mistakes or to never do or say something that you disagree with.  He is going to say something wrong every now and then.  She is going to do something that may frustrate you.  Communication is important to resolve those issues and deciding not to give up on one another.

Relationships, Marriage Quotes, Anniversary

5. All Marriages Have Problems

I understand that marriage may not be for everyone and there are circumstances that can tear a marriage apart.  Sometimes, it may be best to leave a marriage for your own sanity or safety. Many times, though, the difficult times we go through in marriage are not the signal to throw in the towel but to understand that it is okay to disagree and grow frustrated with one another.  Your marriage is not the only one that is not picture-perfect.  It's important to remember that most likely, all married couples have their own battles to deal with, too.  

How about you?  I'm looking for your thoughts, experience or advice on marriage!

If you are married, what's the greatest thing you have learned to keep your marriage together?  What marriage advice would you give to newlyweds?  Please share your comments below or shoot me an email and keep it positive.  Even if you're not married but maybe you have learned something about marriages from watching your own parents' relationship, I'd love to hear it.  

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