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Try These Christmas Advent Activities and Worldwide Christmas Traditions

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Christmas for many people is a special time of year to get together with family, enjoy delicious food, help others and gather around the Christmas tree. Something else that is beautiful about Christmas is that it is a worldwide celebration in which many countries have their own Christmas traditions. Learning new traditions together can be fun and is another great way to bond with family. Try something new this year by creating an advent activity list to do together while incorporating some Christmas traditions from other countries around the world.

25 Advent Activities for Christmas

1. Photo with Santa

The legend of St. Nicholas, a monk from modern-day Turkey dates back hundreds of years and inspired the image of our modern-day Santa Claus with his kindness and piety toward children. Make it a tradition to take photos with Santa either at the mall, at a Christmas event or have a relative dress up as Santa.

2. Make a Christmas Craft


Make a craft to give to someone as a gift. In Mexico, a Christmas tradition is to have a piñata filled with coins and candy. Make a Christmas piñata together as a Christmas craft this year. You can fill it with mini candy canes, chocolate and small gifts.

3. Cook or bake a Christmas treat


In Britain, before the Christmas pudding is cooked, it is a tradition for each person in the family to stir it clockwise while making a wish.

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Holiday Issue of Ella and Annie Magazine

This list is part of an article I wrote for the holiday issue of Ella and Annie Magazine.  Read the full advent list in the issue here and discover new ways you and your family can include other cultures' Christmas traditions into your Christmas traditions.  Be sure to check out all the other great holiday articles for party ideas, crafts and recipes.

Check out more fun tips and ideas at Ella and Annie Magazine.

What's your favorite Christmas traditions? Are you planning on doing any new activities this year to celebrate Christmas?

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