Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jacksonville Christmas Tree and Light Boat Parade 2014 {WW}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Jacksonville Landing


Boats, Downtown, Jacksonville Landing

Last weekend, during the Thanksgiving break, we took the kids out to Jacksonville Landing to admire our city's Christmas tree.  The annual Christmas on the Tree Lighting Ceremony happens every Friday following Thanksgiving.  A fireworks display ends the show. We were not able to go but we did make it on Saturday night along with being able to see some of the boats in the Light Boat Parade.  It was a fun night and I'm happy I was able to capture some colorful photos.

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade

Boat show, downtown, Duval

Jacksonville Landing, Boat Parade, Downtown

Boat show, Jacksonville Landing, Downtown

Boat show, Jacksonville Landing

Holidays, Boats, boat show

Christmas, holidays, Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville Christmas Tree


florida, jacksonville landing

Our Christmas tree stands at 58 feet tall and is adorned with more than 100 ornaments and over 78,000 L.E.D. lights. Beautiful!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  Were you able to enjoy any of your town's festivities?

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