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Easy No-Bake Holiday Food Gift Ideas

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Christmas Food Ideas For Gift-Giving

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?? Two more short days and the big day will be here!  Food is a great gift idea that can be given to most anyone, as long as they are not on a special restricted diet.  You can make batches of a certain food and wrap or box them up nicely in pretty packaging.  Food gifts are perfect for those who you may not know what else to give, particularly if it's for a Secret Santa, White Elephant party, co-workers and those who may just be acquaintances.  Here are some easy food gift ideas that you can whip up quickly at the last minute with a few ingredients.  The best part is there is no baking or cooking required!

christmas food gifts, gift ideas

Package Food and Candy in Mason Jars

Packaging food gifts in mason jars is an easy way to give a Christmas gift.  You can decorate the jar, wrap a ribbon and in this case, add some festive accessories like a small ornament.  Place mini candy canes in a jar for an easy gift idea for most anyone, kids and adults alike!

Candy Canes in a Jar

Candy canes, jar gifts

Candy Cane Lollipops

candy cane lollipops, chocolate lollipops

Take the candy cane gift idea a step further if you have more time and make these sweet candy cane chocolate-filled lollipops!  Melt Wilton's candy melts (I used white chocolate) following the instructions on the bag, then pour enough chocolate in between two mini candy canes facing toward each other to make a heart.  Make sure you attach the lollipop stick in the middle and pour the chocolate over the stick so that it stays in place when the chocolate hardens. You can add sprinkles immediately after pouring chocolate.  Stick in fridge and let it cool and harden for at least an hour.  Use small bags and a small ribbon to wrap it up.  You can give these out as stocking stuffers or small gifts.

Pretzels in a Jar


 chocolate-covered pretzels, holiday gifts

Salty and sweet, yum!  Many people enjoy this flavor combination so why not give them the gift of salty chocolate-covered pretzels?  Melt some chocolate, dip the pretzels, add sprinkles and place a bunch of them in a jar.  Perfect for a snack during the holidays!

Pretzels, holiday gifts

 Don't forget to wash your jars well before using!

Hot Chocolate Spoon Stirrers

Hot cocoa stirrers, chocolate spoons

Drinking hot chocolate and hot cocoa during the holidays are enjoyed by many people.  A simple gift is to give a chocolate-covered spoon to add to the beverage.  Using Wilton's candy melts, you can easily make this.  Just  take a plastic spoon, pour some melted chocolate over it and add sprinkles, if you like.  Let it cool and harden.  Once hardened, wrap it up and add a ribbon.  You can add this spoon to a jar of hot chocolate powder or a mug for a more complete gift idea.

hot chocolate stirrers, chocolate-covered spoons

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Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows


Marshmallows can also be included with your hot chocolate gift or given separately.  These treats are super easy to make.  Pour melted chocolate over the marshmallow and add sprinkles, optional.  Let it cool and harden, then wrap it up!  Cute idea to give to children and to add to a jar of hot chocolate powder.

Here's another festive way to give food gifts.  These boxes come in a package of three at most craft stores.  Wrap it up with Christmas ribbon and tags.

These food gifts and more are also available at our Belicous Treats Bakery if you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and don't want to make these yourself!  We'll be happy to make them for you!

What type of simple food gifts do you enjoy making or receiving?  Please share in the comments!

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