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Breakfast at Tiffany's Frozen Party Ideas

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Breakfast at Tiffany's-Frozen

Party Ideas

Mother-Daughter Birthday {Mash Up}

My daughter and I have birthdays that are a little over a week apart.  This year she was so excited to have a birthday party since she's old enough to know what's going on and she saw how much fun her brother had at his Lego Star Wars Party.  We figured that since both our birthdays are close together and a party can be such a hassle to put together, we might as well combine our birthday celebration into one.  Therefore, I combined one of her favorite things, "Frozen," and a favorite of mine, "Breakfast at Tiffany's."  Ta-da!  A Frozen-Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday Party Mash Up was born!  

The colors went perfectly together since both movies have that Tiffany's blue theme going on. 

 Also, Hepburn and Olaf both wear similar black glasses...

These were our birthday invitations.  I had to black out the address, of course.

The table setting had the dessert (excluding the cake which didn't come out until later since it was in the freezer).  There were cupcakes, star cake pops and sugar cookies along with an ice cream topping bar that included mint chocolates, sprinkles and marshmallows.  There was also a candy bar that had Frozen candy, lollipops, chocolate coins, PixieStix and Smarty's (two of my daughter's favorite candy).

The utensils were white and Tiffany's blue color, as well as the straws, napkins, plates and drink bottles.


Party Decor Reusing Household Items

I didn't want to go overboard with spending on decorations and I'm a fan of recycling and reusing items around the house. I'm all about recycling as much as possible! The banner was made from recycled cereal boxes and dollar store duct tape.  The hanging white "icicles" were just plain white paper plates cut around to make it spiral down.  Then, we just found some white and blue streamers to hang down on the wall. 


My daughter wanted all the stars on the wreath even though the colors didn't exactly go with the theme but hey, it was her party and she was so excited to help.  Who can argue with that? 


You can use small party favor boxes with ribbon for decor for an added touch for the Breakfast at Tiffany's theme.  Another idea is to wrap boxes in various sizes with wrapping paper in the Tiffany's blue color and put white ribbon and bows on them.


Frozen Birthday Cake


 I made a small ice cream cake for her and just placed her Frozen toys as decorations.  Cake recipe will be posted soon! 


Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Candy Bar

My daughter also helped to decorate the cookies and cake pops.

We reused Starbucks bottles for the drinks and wrapped duct tape around them. 


 Photo props


We cut out little hats, mustaches, lips, bow ties, flowers and tiaras for some photo props. We taped on craft/popsicle sticks from the Dollar Tree.


Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

For a party game, I used a black cardboard and paper plates to have the snowman outline.  I didn't get pictures of it but we cut up carrot noses and stick arms for the kids to try to build a snowman.  They had craft eyes to use for the eyes.  They were each blind-folded as they tried to place the pieces together on the board.  It was a fun game. 

Party Favor Bags

Easy and simple but cute party favor bags made from brown paper bags (a pack of 50 at Dollar Tree) that we tied with ribbon and mini paper doilies.  Inside were Frozen candy, lollipops, Frozen pencils, princess rings and party favor whistles (pack of 8 for about $1 at Wal-Mart).

Frozen Pinata

I reused more cereal boxes to make this pinata.  Tutorial posted soon so be sure to check back for that!

Overall, it was a fun party and didn't take too much time or money to put together.  My little girl loved it and still talks about it.  Next year, she said she wants a Barbie party...oh boy!  

Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you for your celebration.  

Be sure to check back for the pinata tutorial and cake recipe!

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Are your kids Frozen fans, too?  What did you think about this Frozen and Breakfast at Tiffany's mash up party?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy partying!

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