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#AskAwayFriday with Megan at The Patchwork Paisley

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles



Welcome to another Ask Away Friday!  It's been a crazy week around here with first my hubby getting sick then my two little ones.  It's always hard watching your kids be anything but happy and healthy.  I've been trying to just sit with them more and tend to them this week.  I'm excited to be able to exchange questions with a new buddy for this week's Ask Away Friday.  Ask Away Friday is when two bloggers swap a set of ten questions and they each answer the questions on their own blogs.  It's a fun way to get to know other bloggers and for your readers to learn more about you, too.

Meet Meg

My new buddy this week is Meg who blogs at The Patchwork Paisley.  Meg is so creative and artistic.  If you haven't taken a look at her blog yet, be sure to visit.  There's so much to see and read there!  I enjoyed looking through her art work and crafts, she does amazing work.  She is a middle school arts teacher which I think is awesome especially since it is rare in my city to find art classes available in schools here.  She has an adorable family, a hubby and two little girls along with her cats, Hickory and Paisley.  

Here are the questions she asked me...

1- So you're Bernadyn or "B" which is a great nickname (can I call you that now that we're AAF buds?) You're adorable children have B names so going with this theme, here are a few prompts for you. Your challenge? Answer only with B words (Scattergories style.)
Favorite food that begins with a B- Bacon
Word that describes you- Blessed
Place to travel- Bahamas, I still haven't been but have been planning to go on a cruise there.
Movie- Breakfast at Tiffany's
Song/singer or band-"Believe" by Cher, one of the first songs of Chers I've ever listened to I like it because it brings back nostalgic feelings.  This was a great question, by the way and sure, you can call me, B :)


2- You have so many great recipes on your blog! One of my faves that I will definitely be trying are the flour less pancakes. What is your favorite dish and dessert combo? Thank you and hope you enjoy the pancakes!  Not really sure which is my fave combo with the recipes on my blog but I have been craving some steak and Tiramisu lately!

3- We have some of our favorite TV shows in common, Once Upon a Time and Vampire Diaries. Who are you faves on VD? Least fave? What fictional characters would you love to see on OUAT?  On VD, I love Caroline and Damon.  On OUAT, I'd love to see characters from one of my favorite books, Chronicles of Narnia. The snow queen seems like she could be the white witch from Narnia, maybe?

4- Snap a picture of one of your most favorite possessions. Share and tell us a bit about it.

Tying into the above question, since it is one of my favorite books, The Chronicles of Narnia book is also one of my most favorite possessions.  I've had this book since I was little girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old.  I received it for Christmas and fell in love with the story and characters.  It's what sparked my interest in reading especially with fiction and wanting to write which is why it would be so cool if they incorporated this land into OUAT!  Now, I'm passing this book onto my daughter and hope she can pass it onto hers.  

5- I can't leave the house without earrings and a bracelet on or I feel naked. Is there anything you can leave the house without? I have to wear a pair of earrings, too when I leave the house and usually, I try to wear a necklace with it.

6- my signature AAF question is dump, hump, marry. I hope you're up to it! Here are 3 celebs. You have to dump one, hump one and marry one ;) Adam Levine, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling 

What a fun question!  I would have to dump Adam Levine on this one since I would prefer the two Ryans...hump Ryan Gosling and I'd pick Ryan Reynolds to marry.  I think he's so funny and attractive and just reminds me more of my own hubby!

7- What is the most daring thing you're ever done?  Hmm, have to think about this one, I haven't done anything too crazy like jump out of a plane, although I used to want to but now, I think I'm too scared!   I do remember the first time I had to speak in front of an audience, it was the most terrifying thing!  I must have been in the third or fourth grade.  I won a poetry contest so I had to read it in front of a school assembly that had students, teachers and parents there.  I thought I wasn't going to get through it since it was my first time ever being in front of so many people.  I did get through it and I've had to talk in front of many audiences since then but I still remember how nervous I was that first time.

8- As a parent, what is something you know now that you didn't know then? Something that is easier than you thought? Harder? I now know that there are harmful chemicals in pretty much everything, haha, never paid too much attention to all that before I became a parent.  Something easier than I thought is that I would actually be used to only getting about five hours of sleep when I was used to getting at least eight.  Something harder than I thought is how hard it can be to balance everything in life when you have kids because no matter how much you prepare and plan, life with kids is more unpredictable so it's harder to keep every little thing in control.

9- The holidays are coming! What is your decorating style? Do you put the decorations up early? Victorian, retro, minimalist?   I know, it seems to come along faster every year!  I don't really put it up too early, usually I wait until the start of December and my style is more on the Victorian side.

10- You get a weekend away with the hubby. Where would you go?
  A whole weekend?? That would be so nice if I could! Lately, I have this desire to just relax in a cabin, soak in the hot tub, re-connect and not do anything except sleep and maybe catch up on reading!


Thanks so much for the fun questions, Meg!  Head over to The Patchwork Paisley and see how Meg answered my questions.  If you'd like to learn more about Ask Away Friday, visit the Facebook Page to join and then send out a #BuddyRequest to start swapping!  

Happy Friday!


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