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Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Rug Pads by Rug Pad Corner for Your Home

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Rug Pad Corner Review


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Eco-Friendly Rug Pads: Safe and Effective For Your Home and Rugs

As a parent, I value natural products that do not give off harmful chemicals in my home and around my family.  As a consumer, I value quality material and products that deliver their promise.  I'm sure many parents and consumers value the same.  Products that are made from trustworthy material and are effective in what they do are what people look for when spending their time and money.  That is why after looking into the company, Rug Pad Corner, I was more than willing to try their product for my home.  After reading my review and checking out their website for yourself, I think you will feel the same, too!

***This is a sponsored post I wrote on behalf of Rug Pad Corner.  All thoughts expressed our my own.  Read my full Disclosure Policy here.***

I was recently contacted by Rug Pad Corner to try their product and write a review.  I have several rugs of different sizes throughout my home in my bathrooms, kitchen, living room and foyer.  They are mostly on tile floors and that means they slip around and are constantly getting crumpled on a daily basis. The representative from Rug Pad Corner suggested I use the Super Hold rug pads for the tile flooring I have because the size of the rugs I requested were on the smaller side.

The Super Hold rug pads are made from natural, no plastic material and do not damage the floor or give off any off-gas smell that other rug pads may do.

In my kitchen, the rugs get moved around since my family is constantly in and out.  We also have a playful cat who enjoys playing with its toys in the kitchen and that means the rugs become part of its play time activity, too, getting lifted and folded up from its toys going under and the cat sliding around in a frenzy to catch them.

rug pads, safe, natural rubber pads

The large rug in the foyer right by the front door is one that we also have to rearrange daily.  We have to put it back in place almost every time we pass by it since going in and out of the house means it slips around.  Often, it gets in the way of the door, as well, which gets annoying to fix while we're trying to leave or enter the house.  When you have kids or are in a hurry or both, dealing with a mobile rug can be time-consuming and frustrating! Not to mention, a rug that easily moves around can be dangerous for those passing by.

Super Hold rug pads, natural material, USA material
Super Hold rug pads are non-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant and does not mark or stick to floors
  They are made in USA and have a 15 year guarantee

That is why I was excited to receive these Super Hold rug pads and immediately placed them under the rugs that they custom cut for me.  I was sent four different size rug pads after I sent in the measurements.  The representative was friendly and helpful.  The company was prompt in sending the rug pads to my home. 

My Experience with Rug Pad Corner

I have been satisfied with the rug pads that Rug Pad Corner sent.  My cat hasn't been able to move the rugs in the kitchen while she plays with her toys in there.  While I'm cooking or at the kitchen sink, the rugs that I step on in those areas feel much better.  They provide more support and comfort for my feet especially if I have to stand on them for a long period of time.

USA made material, natural rubber rug pads, safe for home
More details about Super Hold rug pads:
RATING: Voted as most natural open weave rug pad. Best for use under small scatter rugs and most hallway runners
USE ON: Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Marble, Stone, Concrete, Vinyl, Linoleum

The rug in the foyer hasn't moved and so we don't have to worry about constantly fixing it and when you already have so much to deal with while you're trying to get kids in the house, groceries, children's gear, etc., then having a stable rug that is safely immobile on the floor makes life much easier!

Facts About Rug Pad Corner That You Will Love


  • Sam Kaoud, founder and CEO of Rug Pad Corner is passionate about rugs and rug pads.  He has been in the business of rugs since working with his father at his father's oriental rug store.  He has traveled to several countries to buy beautiful rugs, realizing that every rug needs the right rug pad.
  • Rug Pad Corner was launched in 2009 when he decided to offer genuine quality rug pads made from real rubber into people's homes.  
  • Rug Pad Corner is affiliated with upstanding organizations: 

Affiliations and Accreditations

• U.S. Green Building Council Member
• The National Wood Flooring Association Member
• Certified Area Rug Appraisers
• St Jude Children’s Hospital Partner in Hope
• Rug Pad Retailers of America Member

  • They manufacture natural felt and rubber rug pads in the USA and are strict when it comes to using quality material.
  • There are no imported material or chemicals in any of their products.
  • Rug Pad Corners uses no coating or other adhesives that can damage your floors or carpet.  

Eco-friendly Company

Something else I think is admirable in companies is when they give back and truly care about people.  Part of caring about people is caring about the environment which I am excited to support green-friendly products and companies.  Rug Pad Corner is affiliated with GREEN organizations which goes hand-in-hand with their commitment to using safe material in their products.  

Rug Pad for a Cause

Rug Pad Corner also has a campaign, known as "Rug Pad for a Cause" that raises money for those who are less fortunate.  They donate a portion of each order to a charity of the customer's choice.  Rug Pad Corner states, "So, while our natural rug pads are protecting your area rugs, floors and family, you can feel even better knowing that someone somewhere is being helped by the purchase of that same rug pad!"

How awesome is that!  

So, if you want your rugs to stay where they're supposed to on your floors and want rug pads that are reliable, safe and to know that your purchase is helping out others in need, then check out Rug Pad Corner!

Use the offer code I was given to share with you all: 

REVIEW15 for a 15% discount off your entire order anytime you need a rug pad(s).

Happy shopping!

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