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"The Incredible Miss Vicky" :Inspiring Book That All Ages Will Fall In Love With

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


"The Incredible Miss Vicky" by Camelia Carter

Illustrations By Mary Roxanne Harmon "Mr. H"

How many times have people told you, directly or indirectly, that you could not do something or that you were not made to do a certain job, task or purpose in life?  How did that make you feel and did you give up on your dreams or continue to pursue it?  In this book, "The Incredible Miss Vicky,"  the pig, Miss Vicky, wants more out of her current life as a pig.  The book is an entertaining, fast and fun read that children will love listening to or reading themselves.  Most importantly it is a book with a big motivational lesson that people of all ages can appreciate!

***This is a review post I wrote on behalf of the author of the book, Camelia Carter, in exchange for a copy of the book.  All thoughts are my own.  See my full Disclosure Policy here.***


Believing in Yourself

This book offers a beautiful message to not give up on something you believe in, no matter how ridiculous others think it is.  Miss Vicky is a pig who lives on a farm with other pigs.  They spend all day in the mud, eating the slop that is given to them and not working or doing anything that Miss Vicky sees as purposeful.  She is passionate about becoming something more and having a more fulfilling life.

She discusses her dreams every day with her fellow pigs but they always laugh at her and tell her that she all she will ever be is a dirty pig.

Inspiration From Others

Miss Vicky begins to meet different types of farm animals on the other side of the fence and she is intrigued by what they each do all day, their lives seeming much more interesting than hers.  They each have their own tasks and different activities they carry out during the day.  Every time she meets a new animal, she decides that is who she wants to be, too.  They never have the answer she is looking for, however, when she asks how she can be like them. 

She starts to give up on her passion to transform herself from just a dirty pig who does nothing all day to something greater.  That is, until she meets a butterfly who inspires her with his own story of transformation.

Motivating and Inspring Story 


Camelia Carter does a wonderful job in writing this book, illustrating a dilemma many people can relate to about pursuing a dream even when others are trying to knock you down or keep you from reaching your goals.  She conveys this strong message well, telling it in a way that both children and adults will be able to understand and be inspired to hear over and over again.

What I Love About This Book and What You Will To!


  • Easy to read
  • Well-written
  • Interesting characters
  • Relatable, strong protagonist who you cheer for throughout the story
  • Inspiring and motivational message
  • Perfect story book for children that they will enjoy reading over and over
  • Printable coloring pages to go along with the book that children will enjoy coloring.  It can be a more interactive way for teachers or homeschooling parents to teach the book with students or for parents to engage their children more proactively with the story.


About the Author, Camelia Carter


  • Born in Boston in 1966, Camelia Carter began her life as Michelle Anne Reed
  • Camelia touches the lives of every person she meets, especially when given an opportunity to tell the delightfully inspirational tale of  The Incredible Miss Vicky.  ​Camelia spends her every waking moment conveying her personal message of hope, determination, and perseverance.   
  • Find out more about the author here.

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You can purchase the book on her website here.

Have you ever felt like Miss Vicky?  How did you handle it or what did you do to overcome it?  Does this sound like a book you would read to your child or for yourself?

Happy reading!















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