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Halloween Home Decor and Crafts with Dollar Tree & Giveaway

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


 Are you ready for Halloween?  I had the fun opportunity to write a review for some of Dollar Tree's Halloween decorations and crafting items.  My kids and I were excited when the big box of goodies arrived at our door.  We love Halloween at our house and decorate every year.  We actually already had some decorations from Dollar Tree so it worked out perfectly to receive more to add to our decor.  We had fun creating table settings, putting spider webs throughout the house and crafting with the bag of eyes and even the bags of candy corn. 

***This is a sponsored post I'm writing on behalf of Dollar Tree.  All thoughts are my own.  Read my full Disclosure Policy here.***

Halloween Box of Gory Goodness from Dollar Tree

The box contained nearly 40 items of fun, spooky Halloween decorations.  My daughter was excited to work with the bag of eyes to create some crafts.  Both kids were happy to start eating the candy corn!

The bag of spider web was amazing, it stretched nicely and came with black spiders to place on it or to add to other places.  One bag was plenty to place in different areas so you don't have to put it on just one thing.  We spread the web apart and placed that and the spiders throughout the house.  We put the web on photo frames, mirrors and on a hutch with other decorations.

The box also came with a wreath frame, two rolls of different designed ribbon and other items that I decided to create the wreath with.

This is one of the Halloween settings we made, I used the dresser and hutch we have in our dining room as a Halloween site.  The bag of eyes were used for jars to create ghosts, monsters and a mummy.

The spider tombstone on the left is made from foam so it's super light but easy to decorate with.  I wanted to place it up on top of the fake grass like an actual tombstone.  I love that it has silver glitter on it.

The box came with some decorations you can hang up like this skeleton, pumpkin and ghost.  We also made some alien monsters with the eyes and recycled egg carton and pipe cleaners.  

We added the large round eye balls that came in a bag of six throughout the decorations, too.  We placed some in this glass vase with the purple flowers that were included with the box.

We also used the large eyes in the image above.  I loved the one with the skull and just one eye.  I wanted the other one to look like it fell out to add more creepiness!  The nesting boxes of coffins is cool, too.  You can use that to put Halloween treats in it.  The brown grass you see on top came with the box.  There were two bags included.

I love the skeleton couple photo, definitely gives it that  creepy Halloween setting!  The large rat wit red eyes and black bird adds that extra touch of creepy, too.  Also included is the Lizards Legs bottle.   Below, more eyes made the vampire bats along with tubes of toilet paper.

The box is also included the purple bat lantern that actually lights up.  As you can see, we used more eyes and candy corn for this sign we made.

Here's a table setting I created with the other decorations.  I love the light up Jack-O-Lantern and we placed the rest of the big eyes in a glass jar with green water to make it "The Eyes of Newt."

The kids added eyes on their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch we visited recently.  The string of purple lights came in the Dollar Tree box and went nicely on the table.  The plastic purple tablecloth is an old one we've had and we placed the black table runner that was included in the box on top of it.  The black bow I made from the spool of ribbon that was also provided.  We placed some of the spiders around the table and on the ribbon.  The rest of the candy corn we added in wine glasses.  I'm sure they won't last long with my kids around!


  Dollar Tree has everything you need to make Halloween magic…and everything’s just $1

A box of Dollar Tree Halloween items was enough to create a spooky and fun Halloween setting and you can do the same in your home!  For more holiday craft ideas, visit: for more decorations and Halloween goodies. 

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