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Halloween Activities for Young Children When Trick or Treating May Not Be An Option

 Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


To Trick or Treat...or Not?


Spooky decorations, gory masks and scary costumes that contribute to the creepy setting as darkness takes over on Halloween night...

These are some of the reasons that many people are thrilled to celebrate Halloween.  These are also some reasons others are not so thrilled to celebrate especially parents with young children.  It is a tradition to dress up and go door-to-door trick or treating around the neighborhood to collect treats while admiring everyone's costumes and house decorations.  Trick or treating is not for everyone, however.  In the article link included below, you will find some fun ideas you can still do with kids who may be too young to trick or treat or for families that would rather find other ways to celebrate  Halloween.

Trick or Treating May be Trickier with Younger Children

I remember as a child that my parents allowed us to trick or treat with friends and there was always an adult present.  I loved it and have always enjoyed everything about Halloween.  Not everyone feels the same, however for various reasons.  For me, I feel that my kids are still too young to truly enjoy trick or treating door-to-door.

Here are a few reasons other people may think trick or treating is not the best idea...

Reasons Trick or Treating Is Not For Everyone

  • Not everyone may believe in trick or treating.  I once met an elderly man who told me he feels that trick or treating is a way to teach kids to beg for candy.  I  never thought of it like that but there may be others out there who may also feel that way. I don't expect those people to be handing out candy, of course, but if you're someone who feels the same as he does, there's still other options you can do for your kids on or around Halloween.  (I'll get to that in a minute).
  • Door-to-door trick or treating can be more of a hassle instead of fun when kids are still small.  Younger kids tire so easy and I'm sure after a few houses, they won't want to do anymore walking!  They may just want to be carried and may want to stop to use the rest room ...and walking around a neighborhood, there usually isn't one readily available! 
  • The weather may be too cold for younger children or it may be too dark, making things scarier.  
  • For some parents, they may have to work and it may be too late to take smaller children who will just be too cranky or tired to walk around since they are used to an early bed time.
  • There's also the risk of them getting too scared when running into other people's costumes and scary houses which can make the experience less fun and just scary.
  • Then, there are safety and health issues (which goes for older kids, too).  Many of the candy given out may not be stuff small kids can eat anyway.

"Halloween Activities for Young Children" found in Ella and Annie Magazine


I still want my kids to experience a fun Halloween but to keep it more safe and family-friendly.  Therefore, I was happy to be able to create a list of other activities to do with smaller children aside from traditional trick or treating.

I have the opportunity of being a contributor for Ella and Annie Magazine.  In October's issue, I wrote an article here that illustrates several creative ideas you can do with younger children on Halloween.  I hope it helps if you're looking for other options if you have smaller children.  I would appreciate it if you would read it and let me know what you think!  

Also, this month's issue of Ella and Annie Magazine have tons of other Halloween activities including party and craft ideas that you will love so take a look around!  If you haven't read this magazine yet or checked out the website, you're missing out!  

This issue also has printables you can download and print or if you purchase the hard copy of the magazine, you can just tear them out.

Happy reading!

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