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Birthday Blessings: 10 Things I'm Grateful For and Giveaway

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

I've been talking about how much I love October, it's my favorite month and one of those reasons is because my birthday falls during this month!  I celebrated it a few weeks ago and I didn't get a chance to post this so I wanted to do that before the month is out.  I think birthdays are blessings and for me, every year when I can celebrate another one, it doesn't matter what I do for my birthday because I consider it a blessing as long as I am alive to do it!  I pray that I have many more to come and to be able to celebrate it with my family and friends.  I listed ten things that I am grateful for on my birthday even though there are thousands of things I'm grateful for but I think that's a bit too long for here!

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10 Things I'm Grateful For On My Birthday


1.  I'm thankful for my Family... my husband and my sweet little children.

and how much they love and adore each other.

2.  I am grateful for how much they adore me, too.  They appreciate me and can see pass my imperfections, impatience and all my flaws. 

I appreciate how much they know that I try hard to be the best mom for them even on those long, rough days.  Parenting is tough stuff and isn't always sunshine and rainbows, sprinkles and cupcakes...

but it is most days...and I appreciate it when my kids let me know!

3.  I am thankful for my health, although I know I'm not in perfect condition, I'm making more strides to stay healthy.  It's hard taking care of yourself and to be in the best shape, physically, mentally and emotionally that you can be in when you're a busy parent.

I am fortunate, however, that I'm still here healthy with my children.  The truth is, I'm fortunate enough to NOT have gotten sick in OVER A YEAR NOW.  That's not meant to be impressive or anything but I usually get sick at least twice a year.  I must be doing something right!  I'll share more on reasons that may be helping me be sick-free that are simple and practical enough for many people to do.  Trust me, it's nothing weird or wacky but do-able so hope you can read about that soon, as well. :)

4.  Many people don't know this but this year has been a tough year for me.  Regardless, I'm thankful for this whole year, that through the obstacles my family and I have experienced, it's brought me closer to what I really want for myself and for my family.  It inspired me to stay focused on that.

5.  The challenges have made me realize that I'm stronger than I know and that I'm capable of so much more.  I learned this year that challenges are meant to strengthen us, make us grow, teach us, give us life lessons and to reach out to our faith and beliefs.  I believe obstacles encourage us to move forward, not to stay down.  Therefore, I'm thankful for challenges that drive me to grow, to be a better person and to help me keep in mind what and who are most important in my life.

6.  I'm grateful for blogging and everything I have learned from it this year.  It's been a great way for me to stay connected to people, to meet new friends and fellow bloggers who understand a lot of the things I go through.  I am grateful for this blog site and all the things it has taught me which I still need to share with you all so be sure to come back for that!

7.  I am grateful for all the small things that add up to bring me happiness: books, movies, TV, parks, picnics, beach days, good food, dessert and wine!

8. I am grateful for skills, talents and curiosity that God has given me.  I have been curious enough to learn to cook and bake on my own, to work on more DIY projects, crafts and explore subject areas I don't think I would have even cared to dig into until I began blogging.  I appreciate the skills I've been given to use, particularly writing which goes hand in hand with the other talents I have learned to embrace (cooking, crafting, photography, creating).

Pumpkin Ice Cream I was inspired to make recently, yum!

9. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had to share my talents with others like marketing and writing for clients, companies, brands and guest posts including a recent Halloween article I wrote for Ella and Annie Magazine and this post for Back to School Tips and Tricks: Part 1 and Part 2.  Also, all those who have featured my work in one way or another.  Some of those are here but I don't always remember to add them but just know I do appreciate it when you include my content!

10. I'm grateful for friends in my life, online and offline who have influenced or inspired me in some way including many of the ones I've met through blogging this year including through IBA, Ask Away Friday and those I've had the chance to co-host and guest host with at linky parties and blog hops including the ones below: 

There you have it, all the things I consider to be blessings as another birthday was celebrated.  Also, to celebrate, I wanted to offer you all a chance to win this pair of booties from Kallie Shoes.  This is a sponsored giveaway by Moms Affiliate.  Good luck!

What blessings do you think about on your birthday?

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