Friday, October 17, 2014

#AskAwayFriday with BecominNeurotic

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


I'm so glad it's Friday!  Is anyone else as excited as I am?  I felt like I had 100 things to do on my to-do list everyday this week so I'm happy to get the weekend started!  Since it's Friday, it's time for another Ask Away Friday post.   Ask Away Friday is a great way to meet and get to know other bloggers.  You each ask ten questions to one another and answer those questions on your own blog.  Today, my buddy is Tia at BecominNeurotic.



Tia blogs at BecominNeurotic where she shares her life with the ups and downs of battling chronic illness, depression and anxiety. I think her blog posts are motivating and inspiring for anyone to read.  There's a lot you can take away after reading there so be sure to head over and spend some time getting to know her!

Now, onto the questions she asked...

1. You've said parenting is trial and error (I agree!). What is your biggest trial and error moment/memory? There's probably so many, I'm not sure about the biggest one.  I think right now, since we have two children, it's trying to figure out how to discipline one of them (sometimes, that means no playing, no TV or no going to an event, etc) without taking away from the other child who didn't do anything wrong.  Also, just trying to be fair to both kids at the same time and balance everything out with two young ones.

2. Fall is in full swing in much of the country, though I imagine it's a little different in Florida than here in the Pacific Northwest. What kind of things are on your fall menu? Yes, it's still on the warmer side here in Florida.  It gets chilly in the morning sometimes but goes back up to the 80's sometimes 90's by afternoon.  I still feel like eating more fall-type food, though.  We've been eating recipes with pumpkins, squash and more soup.  We've had pumpkin muffins, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pancakes and some soup dinners.  On my menu, I'd really like to try taco soup and cheeseburger soup.

3. I am a HUGE fan of Once Upon A Time! Who is your favorite couple so far in the series? I love that show!  I adore Charming and Snow White and how strong there love is for one another.  I would have liked Neal and Emma to be a couple but that didn't work out.

4. Do you think you parent like your parents, or are you opposite?  I think I'm opposite, mainly because they're so old school!  Since they raised us kids here in USA and they didn't grow up here, their parenting ways seemed a lot more strict compared to the way many of my friends' parents were during our childhood.  They were also much older parents by the time they had us so I think the large generation gap had a big effect on how they parented. It was hard for us to connect with them and talk to them which is different from the way I parent.

5. Kids say the darndest things, right? What is the funniest thing each of your kiddos has uttered?  There's been so many, I wish I would have remembered them all.  I used to keep track of them in a notebook but haven't been keeping up with it for awhile.  I wrote a post here a couple years ago about some funny things my son has said.  Something funny that he's said recently is when we had this conversation in the car:

My son, Brody: Mom, don't worry, when you die, I'll keep your cell phone.  
Me: Oh, thanks (I said sarcastically).  What about me?
Brody:  We will put you in a box.
Me: Just a box?  Will it be a nice box?
Brody:  Yes, we will decorate it. 

At a doctor's visit this year, the doctor was checking my little girl's stomach.  She noticed it was a little big.  She told her doctor, "Oh no, there's a baby in there."  The doctor laughed and said, "I think that's just breakfast."

6. If you weren't a SAHM, who would you be? What is/was your dream profession? I feel like my dreams change as the years go but I've always loved to write and would like to also be an editor.  This year, I've been working more toward getting back on track with my dream profession.    I'd love to work for a magazine or publishing company.
My dreams have slightly changed also because now I'd like to start an online bakery to sell some of the baked goods I make.  That's what my kids and I are enjoying so much right now.  They've inspired me to do that and to put together a family cook book with some of our stories and just see where it all goes from there. 

7. I see you're starting to decorate for Halloween. Do you have any Halloween crafts you'll be doing with your kiddos soon? Yes, actually I just posted it yesterday which you can take a look here and at the pic below.  It was a few different crafts, mainly simple Halloween ones that I was able to do through Dollar Tree since they sent me a box of goodies to use. 
crafts, recycled crafts, kid's crafts
We used the eyes we got from Dollar Tree to make monster and ghost jars.

We also made vampire bats with the eyes, fang stickers, red rhinestones and recycled toilet paper tubes.  We added more eyes to this sign and some candy corn that we also received.

8. What is your preferred social media platform? Which do you struggle with most? I prefer Twitter since it's so fast to just type a few characters into a tweet.  I feel it's much easier to follow people that way and gain followers.  You don't necessarily have to worry about uploading photos to go along with your tweets.  I do enjoy Instagram a lot since I love looking at creative photos and I like taking photos of random things.  I struggle the most with Facebook because I don't use it that much and feel like I should.  Also there's been changes on Facebook that I'm not too fond of.

9. What song can you not get out of your head lately? Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass."  My son has been singing this in the car when I picked him up this week.  It's a catchy song and lately, it's been the one that repeats in my head!  I found this mom parody of it haha...

10. How many things have you been able to mark off of your Fall Bucket List so far?

I've been able to mark off 9 off our Fall Bucket List so far.  We're planning on going to the zoo next weekend for the Spooktacular event held every year there and I just bought apples for apple pie since my son has been asking and asking for it!  

#AAF photo AAFBadge200_zpsb37e620f.png

Thanks so much, Tia for the fun questions!  I enjoyed answering them.  Head over to Tia's blog at BecominNeurotic to see how she answered my questions.  If you'd like to join in on Ask Away Friday, visit the Facebook page here and send out a #Buddyrequest.  Let me know if you do so we can swap questions, too.

Happy Friday!


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