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#AskAwayFriday with Ana at Our Blended Marriage

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Happy Friday, everyone!  It's time for another Ask Away Friday, something I look forward to blogging every week!  If you aren't familiar with it, it's when two bloggers exchange a set of 10 questions with one another and answer the questions on their own blog.  It's a fun way to connect and get to know one another.  Often, too, I learn more about myself with the insigtful questions I get asked. :)  This week, I had the pleasure of swapping questions with Ana from Our Blended Marriage. 


If you don't know Ana yet, she blogs at Our Blended Marriage and so does her husband, Frank.   They have a wonderful blog where they share their experience as a blended family, marriage tips like this post here I recently read and enjoyed: 10 Things Husbands Don't Want to Hear.  You can also find activities to do with your family like this post: Fun Fall Activities with Kids, along with recipes, web design and blogging tips.  Head over to her blog to see all the great content it offers and to see how she answered the questions I asked her this week!  There's plenty to read there so be sure to check it out!

Now, onto the questions she asked me...

  1. You mentioned you want to have your own cookbook published that you would pass on to your children and having them participate in it too. Frank and I have been talking about something similar but it aside from recipes it would include some other general tips like what to pack for emergency, general lifehacks and all the homemade remedies we used on them. Would you do something similar or is that going too far in your opinion?   I think that's a great idea, things like that will make it stand out and unique!  Life hacks and tips like that will be something many people will appreciate.  In ours, we're including family stories, funny quotes from kids and little extras to make it a bit different from a typical cookbook.  I think that will make the kids enjoy it more when they look back on it as they growI think readers will find it more enjoyable to read, too, when you add your personal touches aside from the recipes.
  2. You shared your readers’ favorite recipes from your blog. What is YOUR favorite recipe that you created?  I haven't made it in so long but my favorite recipe is this apple crumb cake I used to make it.  It's perfect for fall so I hope to make it soon and share it here.
  3. What was your favorite craft so far? Personally, I really love your repurposed block candles!  Oh, thank you, I do love that one because there's so much you can do with it like make them for gift-giving.  So far, I really enjoyed making the crafts for my son's Star Wars birthday party even though I probably spent the most time on those.  I saw how much he appreciated it so it makes me smile every time I think about it. The kids still play with the light sabers and paper masks so it was worth all the time I put into it.

    light saber pool noodles, Star Wars party

  4. What’s your perfect idea of a family night?  My perfect idea since they're still really young right now is taking them to the park before the sun goes down, have a small picnic (we recently ordered a pizza and drinks and ate it there), then go home, get them in the bath and put on pjs so we can all snuggle up on the couch with a movie and snacks.  They still enjoy these simple things like the park and movies at home so I'm going to take advantage of that for as long as I can.
  5. What’s the best thing about Jacksonville? What’s the worst?  For me, I think the best thing about Jacksonville is that it is a city that is growing and improving, I feel like we are getting back on the map.  We have a lot of exciting growth happening right now so I love that and am proud of our city.  I love that we have many family-friendly and budget-friendly things to do.  The worst which tends to come with a large city is our crime and poverty ratings along with our employment.  I feel that the pay here for many jobs are lower compared to other cities.

    My lovely city, Jacksonville.

  6. You have big dreams for your future which is admirable. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I would like to be working with a publishing industry to help authors get their work published.  I think it's an exciting field since I love to read and write.  I want to be on track by then toward being an editor, whether that be with a company or freelance editing.
  7. You mentioned one of your hobbies is travelling. What is your dream destination?  Yes, I would love to travel more and hope to do so once kids are a little older.  I have a few dream destinations: France, Japan and Ireland are currently the top ones.
  8. I know you said you planned on having more children but later on and then your daughter Brielle, (love the name by the way!) just happened. Do you plan on having more children or is this it?  Thank you, it was a last minute name idea but we love it!  No, no more plans, this is it.  We're happy with two and I don't think I could handle another pregnancy since I get so sick and depressed both times I was pregnant.
  9. What’s the best blogging advice you received? And what is the best blogging advice you give to others?  The best is how important it is to write what you know and stay true to who you are.  I think the best advice I offer others is to take time to connect, share and learn from other bloggers.
  10. Share one thing about yourself that you haven’t shared on your blog yet.  Oh, let's see, probably a lot of the little things about myself that make up my personality.  I can be really goofy especially once you get to know me, I laugh at corny jokes and love going to comedy shows. I used to go at least once a month but haven't gone in maybe a year.  I really believe in laughter as a form of medicine.

Thank you, Ana for the awesome questions, I enjoyed answering them!  If you'd like to join in, too, check out the Ask Away Friday Facebook page and join the group.  Send out a #BuddyRequest to start swapping with other bloggers.  Let me know so we can swap, too.
Don't forget to visit Our Blended Marriage to read Ana's answers to my questions!

Enjoy your weekend! 










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