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#AskAwayFriday Fall Theme with Saving Everyday with Sonya K.

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Yes, the weekend is almost here and I need a break so #TGIF :) That means it's also time for another Ask Away Friday!  I buddied up with Sonya from Saving Everyday with Sonya K.  These were fun questions and if you'd like to join in, see info at end of post.  I've swapped with Sonya before (she was actually my first buddy for this blog hop!).  This time around, we swapped fall-themed questions, perfect for this cooler, autumn season!

 What's Ask Away Friday?

If you're not familiar with Ask Away Friday, it's a blog hop for bloggers to exchange a set of 10 questions with one another.  It's a fun way to learn more about each other (and a lot of times, yourself!), to connect and build friendships.  I'm loving it and look forward to it every week.  

Saving Everyday with Sonya K.

Just like her blog name suggests, Saving Everyday with Sonya K. is a blog where she shares her shopping adventures and lots of great deals.  She also shares posts about her family life, her son, hubby and homeschooling.  Her blog has reviews and giveaways, as well.  She offers lots of information on how to save so be sure to check out her site after reading this!

Here are the questions Sonya asked and I answered...

1. Favorite fall scent?  Apple and cinnamon ...especially in food!

2. I don't drink coffee but a lot of people are excited that Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back at Starbucks for fall. Do you have a favorite fall drink? I like the salted caramel mocha

3. I've never been through a corn maze. Have you ever gone through a corn maze? If so, did you complete it without any help? No, I've never been through a corn maze either.  We were supposed to go last year and never did so maybe this year.  Hopefully, I won't need help.  I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes!
This is the only maze we've been through so it was pretty easy!

4. What is your favorite fall gourd (pumpkin, butternut squash, acorn squash, or another type)?  I love decorating with pumpkins but prefer to eat butternut squash
5. Does your family already have their Halloween costumes picked out? If so, what are your costumes? Yes, well, at least my kids do.  I haven't even thought about my costume yet.  My daughter's going to be Anna from the movie, "Frozen" and she has her costume already.  She wants me to be Elsa but I don't want to buy the costume since I probably won't wear it again.  Maybe I'll just get a blue dress close enough to what her colors are on her dress and get a blonde wig.  My son also has his - it's Captain Rex from Star Wars.

6. What is your go to fall outfit? If you have pictures please share.  I like wearing light cardigans or long sleeve blouses with skinny jeans and boots.  If it's cold enough, I like wearing colorful scarves and a light jacket to layer.  I love layering clothes during the colder weather, it doesn't usually get that cold yet during the fall, though.   
I couldn't find many photos of wearing fall clothes but here's one from a few years back when it was Halloween and we visited the World Golf Village.  A light long-sleeve blouse, jeans and (you can't really see it) boots is pretty much a typical fall outfit for me.

7. What fall crafts are you most looking forward to completing? Right now, I'm working on a sponsored post for Dollar Tree that involves Halloween crafts and decorations.  I'm looking forward to finishing that.  They sent a lot of stuff so I'm excited to see how it all turns out!  (And giveaway is included so be sure to check back on my blog if anyone would like to win a Dollar Tree gift card!)
8. I've already started thinking about my Thanksgiving menu. How far in advance do you start thinking about what you will serve on Thanksgiving?  Usually not until November.  I do know that every year I make sweet potato pie, ham, green bean casserole and another dessert item to bring when my family gets together with my parents.  Sometimes, I do the turkey but not sure who's doing that this year yet.  I might go ahead and make a small one for just my immediate family.

9. Since most of our Christmas prep time is during the fall how about a few Christmas questions. When does your family usually start decorating for Christmas? We usually can't wait and start after Thanksgiving.

10. My kids are already watching Christmas movies. Do your kids like to talk about and/or watch Christmas movies all year long? My eldest is old enough to know about Christmas so he does mention it throughout the year.  I like to start watching Christmas movies once Thanksgiving hits and that's when they'll usually start looking forward to watching them, too.

Thank you, Sonya, for these fall-themed questions.  It was a lot of fun to answer!  Now, head on over to Sonya's blog to see the answers she gave for my questions.  Also, check out the #AAF Facebook page if you'd like to ask/answer some questions.  We'd be happy to have you!  Join the group and send a #Buddyrequest to swap questions.  Let me know if you do join so we can buddy up!

What are you looking forward to in the fall?

Happy weekend!

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