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Let Cender Scholars Help Your Child

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Cender Scholars


As parents, we realize that not all children are the same, in fact, each one is unique (exactly what I'm learning about with both my kids)!  Therefore, the same parenting techniques may not work for both children.  The same goes for the way students learn.  Each child learns in a different way and can benefit from learning in different types of environment.  That is what Cender Scholars is passionate about - helping students increase their academic achievement with individual educational plans that are specific to each child.  Do you have a student that needs additional help with school and could benefit with some tutoring?  If you are in the Palm Beach and Broward County area, learn more about how Cender Scholars can help your child!

Philosophy at Cender Schools

Meet Erica Cender


I was recently contacted by Erica Cender, the founder and C.E.O. of Cender Scholars, to feature her website here and after reviewing her site and what Cender Scholars is all about, I was ecstatic to work with her and share her site with all of you.  I love shining light on those who find ways to help our children improve in all aspects of life including in the academic area.  Erica is a school teacher herself so she knows how important education is.  She is passionate about teaching but also cares about each student and connecting with every family which is what makes her company so unique.  

You can learn more about Erica Cender and the Cender Scholars' Philosophy here.

Here are some main things that stuck out to me as I read the philosophy:

  • Cender Scholars guides students to help them improve academically by creating an individual educational plan for each child instead of using the same method for each of them.
  • They also guide them by helping them develop self-confidence and discipline, two important traits I believe children should develop.
  • They make a point to align the content during the tutoring session with the same lessons from your child's regular classroom.
  • They understand that an open line of communication with parents and teachers is a key factor in your child's academic success.
  • Cender Scholars is passionate about teaching and will strive to create a trusting relationship with your children in a safe and comfortable environment.

Here are more reasons that make Cender Scholars a great choice for children who may need additional help:


  • They focus on finding the perfect fit for each family. 
  • Erica Cender likes to keep a close connection with each and every client to ensure that his or her needs are being met.   
  • She encourages her tutors to connect with the school teachers of the kids so that they can organize each session to maximize the learning for your child.

Services Offered at Cender Scholars

Aside from academic tutoring services, the company also offers these other services:

                       Piano Lessons                                                                  Special Needs Tutoring

                        Hebrew Tutoring                                                           Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training
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A testimony from a mom who used Cender Scholars:

"Cender Scholars has proven to be an incredible asset for my son. His confidence has been boosted and he came home with a his first A! Proud mom right here!"


Cender Scholars Makes It Convenient for You

The tutors at Cender Scholars will come to your child so you have the convenience of choosing the location of where to meet (your home, public library, etc.), as well as the flexibility of when to meet.  You can easily schedule appointments through the website.

Learn More About Cender Scholars

It's great to know companies like Cender Scholars offers an amazing way for children to find a more one-on-one way to learn where the tutors care about their success and understand that each child learns differently.  Some children just need that extra guidance outside of the typical class room so I'm excited to share this tutoring service with you all.  See the website for Cender Scholars and feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Wishing you all a great school year!


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