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Fall Love Bugs with Truly Nolen Pest Control

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Truly Nolen Pest Control

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Just this summer, I started my first garden.  I know many of you out there maintain gardens, as well, and are pros at keeping up a beautiful one.  I still have so much to learn about gardening and how to keep the plants alive.  Sadly, I ruined my Basil plant and one of my daughter's flowers that she planted did not last long because she over-watered it one day.  There are also many pests we see strolling about in our garden that may be disrupting our plants.  We are working on being better gardeners, researching and learning more so when I was contacted by a representative from Truly Nolen's Pest Control about natural pests that can actually help your garden, they had my attention!


***I received a complimentary "Fall Bugs Love" gardening kit in exchange for this post.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Read my full Disclosure Policy.***

 Fall Bugs to Love

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Truly Nolen wants us to know that there actually are many pests in our garden that can be beneficial instead of destructive.  They want to make us aware that with the coming of fall, there are several little critters that can help our garden continue to grow.  

Here are some of the pests that are beneficial to our gardens:

  • Ladybugs: Some of the aphids and insects ladybugs east are scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites and various types of soft-bodied insects.
  • Praying mantis: Save your flowers with nature’s own chemical free pest control, the praying mantis. The mantis consumes months, roaches, beetles and grasshoppers and eggs.  They can be bought at our local garden store.
  • Decollate snails: The decollate snail is a predator of plant-destroying slugs and brown garden snails. Decollates also eat old leaf mulch, but they do not eat healthy plants.

About Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen was founded in Miami, FL during the Great Depression in 1938 byTruly Wheatfield Nolen. Truly David Nolen founded his own company in 1955 in Tucson, AZ.  It remains a family-owned company that offers pest control services to businesses and homes from coast to coast.  They offer services for:

  • Pests
  • Rodent
  • Termites
  • Lawn control
They emphasize that destructive pests are dangerous to your family's health since they carry disease, along with possibly causing physical damage to your home.  Their pest control treatments limit the use of chemicals in your home by targeting the exterior and perimeter.  

They have a Four Season Protection Plan that is a unique solution to the continuous pest problem.  

Their effective methods include:
  • Using treatments with a season-specific approach
  • Having a professionally trained staff
  • Taking the battle directly to your home's defensive zones

Fall Love Bugs That are Garden-Friendly 

Gardening, Fall Gardens, Pests in Gardens

I appreciate that Truly Nolen made me aware of the "Love Bugs" that can be garden-friendly.  I'm looking forward to growing my garden this fall and embracing those critters that will help keep it healthy!  

Visit Truly Nolen on Facebook and at their website for more information about the company, tips and how to contact them to treat the pests at your home or business. 

What's growing in your garden?  Do you have any pests that are destroying it?


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