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Dr. Oz's Celebrity Science Fair Contest

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Dr. Oz's Celebrity Science Fair


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Now that school is back in full swing for many students, I wanted to share this exciting opportunity with those who love science and creating science experiments!  The three-time Emmy Award-winning, "The Dr.Oz Show" is holding a Celebrity Science Fair to get kids excited about science once again.  They are "set to bring back the cool factor of science back into America's youth."  Hey, who ever said science wasn't cool, anyway??  I think science is so interesting and kids should definitely be more interested in it!

***All thoughts expressed are my own.  I was contacted by The Dr. Oz Show to share this contest but was not compensated in any form for this post.  Read my Disclosure Policy.***


Dr. Oz's Celebrity Science Fair Contest 

This Celebrity Science Fair Contest is open to anyone.  It is going on now until the end of October so put your thinking caps on and create a fun science experiment!  When you create your video, be sure that you explain fully the scientific principle and the outcome of the experiment to get a good grade since that's what the judges will use to evaluate your scores.  


What Do You Win?


The finalists will be evaluated by a panel of celebrity judges at the end of the contest.  The winner wins a trip to New York City for a Big Apple Science Tour How cool is that?    

Viewers can check out the series of celebrity videos here which feature celebrities like Queen Latifah, Joel Hale, Russell Simmons, Jimmy Kimmel and more!  Watch their science experiment presentations and see if YOU can do better!

Below is more information provided by the contest:

Open to children and students up to grade 12, the national competition will receive submissions through http://www.doctoroz.com/video-series/dr-oz-celebrity-science-fair in the following categories: grades K-6, grades 7 and 8, and grades 9-12. Adults can submit on their own as well.  Submissions by students 8th grade and younger must be done with a parent or teacher.  Grades 9-12 can be submitted with a teacher, individually or by groups of students.  Entire classes can submit in any category.  Projects will be judged on how well the presenter explains the scientific principle being demonstrated as well as whether the experiment outcome is as intended.  Additional rules and guidelines are available on the web site.  Submissions close October 31 and winners will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges.  Judges will be announced later in the summer.


Good luck to you all and happy experimenting!




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