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Bucket List for Fall 2014

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Fall Bucket List 2014

pumpkins, pumpkin patch, autumn

Fall is here!  Are you excited or are you still holding onto summer?  It still feels like summer here in the Sunshine State but I think that's why I'm looking forward to the fall season this year.  I'm ready to welcome some cooler weather, pretty autumn colors and all the fun festivities that fall brings in the next couple of months.  I know it may not get too cool here but there are plenty of things I'm thrilled to do with my family and friends this fall.  Here is a bucket list of all the awesome things I'm planning on doing this autumn season...

1. Visit the pumpkin patch: every year, this is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.  We let them each pick out a couple of small pumpkins and then one big pumpkin to take home.  We enjoy looking at all the pumpkins there, taking photos with them and then taking them home to decorate.  It makes for great family memories!

Pumpkins, pumpkin patch, falll decorations
Here are some pumpkins we took home from the pumpkin patch and decorated last fall.

2. Visit the zoo for Spooktacular: Our local zoo, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, is a beautiful, fun, family-friendly zoo with lots to see and do.  During Halloween, they hold Spooktacular for a few weeks and it is always worth the visit.  I used to volunteer there every year during high school to clean out the pumpkins for carving so I'm glad I can enjoy it as a guest now.  The whole zoo is decked out with pumpkins, spooky decorations, lights, Halloween-themed music and more.  There are candy areas for children to trick-or-treat and haunted areas separated for younger and older children.  

Spooktacular at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens last Halloween.

3. Trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat: we usually do this at our church and other churches.  There's bounce houses, food, games and sometimes hay rides.

4. Take a fall family photo:  We usually take this at the pumpkin patch while we're dressed in autumn colors.

pumpkin patch, fall, autumn, fall family photo

5. Take a Halloween family photo: we haven't really done this yet so this will be our first year to do so. 

6. Bowling: every time we planned to go bowling during the summer, it was jam packed so hopefully, we'll get lucky this fall.

7. Visit the fire museum: we tried to go a couple weeks ago but didn't make it in time since they close pretty early.  Crossing fingers that we can make it this season!

8. Visit Cummer Art Museum and Gardens: we haven't been in awhile but this is one of my favorite places in our city.  The weather will hopefully be a little more comfortable to walk around the gardens so I think it'll be beautiful and enjoyable for the kids to visit.  

9. Make fall/Halloween crafts and decorations: time to re-decorate the house again!  Fall colors and spooky Halloween decor around the house is always fun. :)

Halloween decorations, cob webs, spider web
Some of our Halloween decoration last year.

10. Visit the beach a few more times: we actually were able to go this past weekend since that's what my little girl wanted to do as part of her birthday week celebration.  It was thankfully gorgeous outside and the weather was perfect.  The waves were huge and more aggressive, though, compared to our last visits so she didn't want to get in the water much.  My little boy was loving it, of course!

11. Watch "Nightmare Before Christmas": one of our Halloween traditions is to sit together with some popcorn and other goodies while we watch this movie.  This is one of our favorite movies and since it has a little mix of both Halloween and Christmas. it's perfect!

12. Watch Halloween movies in October: something my hubby and I do when kids get to bed, we've been pretty busy lately so not sure how often we'll be able to do it this year.

13. Make Halloween treats: mummy pops, creepy Jello fingers, spooky cupcakes and witch potion drinks...yum!

Candy bat molds, Halloween treats, fall food
We made these chocolate bats last Halloween.

14. Make apple pie: I've never made an apple pie before and this is something my son is begging me to do!

15. Make pumpkin pie: must have this during the fall, of course!

16. Collect acorns, pine cones and twigs:  this is something my kids just love to do when they see it all over the ground in the fall.  They get so excited to collect them and usually make some kind of craft with them.  My son used to collect acorns at his preschool and keep it a secret.  One day, I took him to play after school and he fell down.  He got upset, started grabbing all over his pants so I thought he was hurt.  I tried to help him but instead, he yelled out, "No, Mom, I don't want anyone to see my acorns!" The other parents thought I taught him to call his jewels his "acorns."

17. Birthday celebrations: me and my daughter's birthday are both during the fall so that's something we are looking forward to celebrating together. Here is her Birthday Bucket List this year. 

Tell me!  What's on your fall bucket list? 

Happy fall!


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