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Bloggers Can Connect with Brands at Moms Affiliate

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Moms Affiliate


Beginning Bloggers Can Connect with Brands at Moms Affiliate

When I first began blogging, I had no idea about working with brands and campaigns that could benefit both the brand and myself.  I have been actively seeking exposure for my blog these past few months and have come across great places to help me gain blog exposure, blog traffic, a chance to work with brands and earn a little extra cash for doing what I already love to do: blogging and sharing my experiences and thoughts!  Moms Afffiliate is one of those places where I have joined that helps me connect with brands easily, providing me with all the tools necessary without fuss!  I want to share it for any other bloggers out there who are just beginning to connect with brands for campaigns. 

***This post contains affiliate links in which I may receive a small commission.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Read my full Disclosure Policy.  Thank you for your support!!***

Reasons I Love Moms Affiliate and What You Will Love, Too:


Signing up is free: To sign up, you can go to this referral link.  Once approved, you can start right away to apply for campaigns, writing articles and referring other bloggers to join using your own personal referral link.  These are all ways for you to earn some extra cash.  

Campaigns: Moms Affiliate offers several different types of brands (called "Programs") to work with on campaigns that you will find under the "Campaigns" category.  

Articles: You can also write "Articles" for brands/programs that will compensate you for the post/article you write.  Before applying to write an article, you are able to see:

  1. The amount that will be paid to you
  2. What is expected of you to write in the article 
  3. The amount of visitors they require you to have on your blog on a monthly basis before you even apply so you know if you qualify 
Seeing all this information is helpful so you can decide if the amount is worth your time to you.  Typically, the amount of compensation averages between $25-$100 per article.  

Toolbox: Moms Affiliate makes it easier for you to see your website's Analytics.  Your monthly statistics are under the section, "Toolbox."  It shows your site's monthly page views, visits and page "likes" from your Facebook page.  You can use this before applying for a campaign or article to make sure you qualify.

Banners: You can also earn money by placing banners on your site that are filed under the section, "Banners."  There are many to choose from and you can choose the size and shape you prefer to place on you site.

More Ways to Earn Cash and Commission from Moms Affiliate:


You can also apply to join:

Coupons, Giveaways and Products that can be placed on your website which can help you earn commission.

Here are the brands I am currently working with (click on the image to see more):


French Toast Official School Wear:

It's a great way to start working with brands and earning a little cash if you are just getting started with campaigns so head over and check it out for yourself!

What are some other places you work with that help you make some earnings for you website?




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