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Beach Shells Decor with Picture Frame {#TBCCrafters Link Party}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Sea Shells from Little Talbot Island  


We had a great summer and now we will soon be decorating the house with Fall and Halloween decor.  I will miss the summer days that we spend at the beach, pool and having cook outs while enjoying the water.  We like to collect sea shells when we visit the beach and did not collect too many this summer but a couple summers ago when my little girl was still a baby, we visited Little Talbot Island here in Florida and brought home a ton of sea shells.  We kept most of it in a vase as decoration for the children's beach-themed bathroom but we used some of it to decorate picture frames with photos of us visiting Little Talbot Island.  

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Taking the Beach and Memories Home

I think collecting sea shells from each beach we visit is a great way to preserve our memories from our trip.  It's a fun idea to use the sea shells to create something that you can display in your home as a decoration or keepsake so your kids will remember it later or be reminded that you all had a special day together.  We also used some sea shells from another beach trip to make a Beach Sea Shells Summer Wreath.

Sea Shells, Beach theme decor
We bought the sand from the craft store.

How to Make a DIY Beach Shells Picture Frame



I knew I wanted to frame a couple photos from our beach trip that summer.  Luckily, I found these pink photo frames at Michael's craft store for a great deal on clearance that summer, as well.  I bought two of them and figured the plastic surface was perfect for sticking on the shells.  

What You Need:
  • Photo frame with wide enough surface to glue on shells
  • Sea shells
  • Beach sand (the sand was not from the actual beach we visited but I bought it in a bag from the craft store)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Beach photo

  • Clean and wipe frame to make sure it is dry and ready to glue on shells
  • Insert photo into frame
  • Choose where you want to place sea shells before gluing
  • Spread hot glue over area where you will be placing sand
  • Immediately cover the glue with sand and allow to dry
  • Once dry, put hot glue along the back outline of each sea shell you are using and place onto sand.
  • Allow shells to dry for enough time

Optional ideas for beach sea shells photo frame:
  • Kids can help paint the shells if you want the colors to match the bathroom more or design different patters on shells for a fun, fresh look.
  • You can also buy colored sand or use food coloring to color sand before gluing.

Sea shell home decor, beach shells picture frame
My little Lyla B. was was crawling around in her hula girl outfit that day.  I remember the day being just the right temperature out and breezy. 

We'll have to visit Little Talbot Island again soon before it gets too cool outside, although, our Florida weather is slow compared to everyone else when it comes to fully acquiring the cool fall weather!  I'm sure we still have plenty of warm days ahead here!

What other ideas do you have to use sea shells?  Share in the comments, I'd love to know!

Happy crafting!

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