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Baby Girl is 3: A Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Baby Girl's 3rd Birthday 


My little girl is three today!  I think it's a little bit tougher every year for me to accept her growing older because she is my last baby.  It's a common feeling that I know parents encounter and need to deal with as their little babies grow.  My emotions have been all mixed up as her birthday drew closer.  I've been feeling a combination of sadness, joy, pride for her achievements and excitement to celebrate another birthday ..all the things that describe one big feeling that I've come to realize and can only now fully understand...  The feeling of being a parent.


Letter to My Daughter on Her 3rd Birthday

To my dear daughter, my little princess,

It's here, your third birthday!  I asked you not to grow almost every day since last week but you refused to consider my request.

You told me, "No, I grow big."

I asked you, "But why?"  

You answered your usual way of answering, "Because I want to."  By the way, you like to say that really fast, "BecauseIwantto."

Well, I guess you and time won (thanks, Time, once again, you are beating me at this game)!  


Your birthday really is here. You are just so much more excited this year because you actually know it's your birthday and you have been talking about it for a long time now.  You have clearly explained what you wanted (a Frozen-themed party) and most of the details you're looking forward to seeing at this party (cotton candy, cupcakes, wearing an Anna costume while I wear an Elsa costume).  

This year, you are old enough to realize that your brother had a fun birthday party and that's what you expect to happen for you, too.  Ever since his Star Wars birthday party, you have been talking about your party, patiently waiting to have your turn to shine, to be the popular birthday girl.

We're all excited for you and I'm so happy to make sure your birthday will be amazing in your eyes but before we have that party for you, I want to share with you all your current favorite things and what has been going on in your little world...

Your milestones and accomplishments: 
  • You draw more now and explain what you are drawing.  
  • You mostly like to draw lines and circles and say the circles are people.  You drew a bunch of circles recently and a curved line.  You said it was a water slide and all the people were in the swimming pool. 
  • You can count, "1, 2, 40."  
  • You like to sing and perform, "Let It Go" from the movie, "Frozen."
  • You like to make your own sandwiches.  
  • You know how to use the remote control and DVD player, two things that you were so proud to learn.
  • You can paint your own nails with nail polish.
  • You like to brush your own hair and teeth.
  • You pick out your own clothes.
  • You try to read books on your own.
Your favorite colors: purple and pink

Your favorite food: 
  • pancakes
  • waffles
  • string cheese
  • cheese roll ups 
  • marshmallows 
  • cotton candy 
  • cupcakes (mainly just the frosting unless the batter has banana in it) 
  • hot dogs 
  • banana
  • pizza 
  • Nutella sandwiches (that you call "chocolate" bread) 
  • chicken nuggets (your go-to request when we ask you what you want to eat)
Your favorite TV shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Hello Kitty, anything with mermaids in it

Your favorite movies: Frozen, Shirley Temple movies, Tangled, Barbie

Your favorite activities: 
  • Playing with your Disney princess dolls and Barbie dolls
  • Playing at the park especially at what you like to call, "Castle Park"
  • Going to the beach so you can play in the sand
  • Playing with race cars with your cousin (you love Sally from the movie, "Cars")
  • Building blocks to make castles
  • Reading books
  • Painting 
  • Helping out in the kitchen with baking, mostly pouring in the ingredients, stirring and licking off any extra batter
  • Dressing up, playing with make up and nail polish
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Playing with your brother
Your 1st birthday

Favorite quotes, expressions and questions:
  • "What're you doing there?"
  • "Just be quiet."
  • "You're the bestest Mommy ever."
  • "You're the bestest Daddy ever."
  • "You're the bestest parents ever."
  • "Where you go?"
  • "I go to dance class."
  • "Can I go to dance class?"
  • "Am I going to dance class now?"
  • "It's night time?"  (You ask this when it starts to get dark outside and the sun is going down).
  • "It's morning time now?"  You ask this when you wake up in the morning and sometimes, you ask even when it's not morning but you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • "Mommy, wake up, it's morning time.  See?  The sun is out." 
  • "Where me?" You ask this whenever we're talking about something in the past or you see photos of us.  You get really upset when you're not in the pictures.

You often act like you're much older than your age, talking like a teenager and acting older than your brother sometimes.  I'm a proud mama but don't want you to grow up too fast.  I love that you're curious and ask a lot of questions.  I love that you have been fully potty-trained for awhile now so you don't have accidents like this anymore.  

You've always been a fast learner which is probably thanks to your early arrival.  You've always been ready to just go, go, go!  

I remember with your brother, 3 years old was such a fun year with him.  I'm sure it'll be the same for you.  I'm looking forward to all our adventures this year! 

Here's the birthday song we play for you every year from one of our favorite movies, Alice in Wonderland...

A Very Happy Unbirthday: 

Love you bunches with cupcakes, sprinkles, hugs and kisses,


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