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#AskAwayFriday with Echo @ Domain of the Mad Mommy

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#AskAwayFriday with Echo


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Another #AskAwayFriday

Happy Friday, everyone!  Friday means another set of questions to answer for #AskAwayFriday and I'm loving it!  If you're not familiar with what #AskAwayFriday is, here's the quick scoop: it is a blog hop that works in slightly a different way.  You swap a set of ten questions with another blogger, making it a fun way to learn more about other bloggers and connect.  

This week, I'm swapping with Echo who blogs over at Domain of the Mad Mommy.  She blogs about parenting, shares recipes, random thoughts and more.  She is a fun, honest, funny lady and you'll love reading her posts!  Be sure to head over and see how she answered the questions I asked her.

Learn more about The Mad Mommy

Now, onto the questions I need to answer...

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging? I wanted a fun way to share our family experiences for our kids to one day look back on and also, I wanted to share our stories with our relatives and other families

My son's 6th birthday party with a Lego Star Wars theme.

2. You post so many awesome crafts, what is your FAVORITE?  My favorite so far are the crafts and DIY projects I put together for my son's birthday party this year.  The theme was Lego Star Wars and he enjoyed it.  I know he appreciated my hard work on the party so working on the crafts for it is my favorite so far...especially the light saber pool noodles!  The kids loved those!

light saber pool noodles, Star Wars party

3. To go with the above, what was your biggest oops and did you give up or rework it? My biggest oops I can think of on the top of my head is a big cardboard doll house I made for my little girl.  I was originally only making it as a show piece for an article I was working on about reusing material so I didn't make it sturdy enough.   I should have known better!  She ended up wanting to play with  it all the time and after just a few days, it began to deconstruct.  I didn't rework that one but am going to start a new doll house using my old three-shelved bookcase made of particle wood so it'll be much bigger and sturdier. 

4. I have seen some beautiful travel photos on your blog, what has been your FAVORITE trip? So far, it's been our trip to Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL that we went on a couple summers ago.

It was so much fun and we were able to score two free tickets to go there so we only had to pay for one kid's ticket since my daughter was still a baby. Freebie tickets?  That, of course, made it extra fun!

We stayed in a nice resort for the whole weekend and went around the theme park three times! 

 I did feel this way at some point, though... 

I need to take a trip without the kids one day!

5. Would you rather give up blogging or photography? (I am so mean.... I know) Oh no, yes, definitely a tough one!  Hmmm...I think photography because I have become so attached to blogging now!  I really don't know how long I could survive without taking photos, though!

6. If you could give one useful tip to a new mom, but only one, what would it be? Set specific days for your break away from the baby to take time for yourself.  Make it a point to follow through and stick to your set days.  It can be a couple hours or a whole day, either way, time to be able to do something to relax or focus on yourself.   You will need it and this will benefit the baby, too.  You'll feel refreshed, recharged, healthier and happier!  Get used to doing that so it becomes a routine that you look forward to and won't feel guilty about doing.

7. Like me, you like to dabble in the kitchen, what is your ultimate comfort food and what is one thing that you refuse to try? Soup or stew is my ultimate comfort food, ideally a big bowl of pho, beef stew or Filipino sinigang.  The one thing I refuse to try is anything that involves bugs or insects, I don't care if they're chocolate-covered! 

8. What is the first thing that you remember cooking?  Oh, wow, I have no idea what the first thing was...I didn't start cooking for myself until college so probably would have been something super simple, maybe scrambled eggs?

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself being able to do more traveling, taking longer trips since my kids will be older.  I also see myself working more as an editor to help other writers and possibly, have written my own novel by then. 

10. Ten Favorites:

Movie? I have so many fave movies but I'll say "Beauty and the Beast" since my little girl enjoys that right now, too.  Recently, she's been making me play with her Belle doll while she plays with her Anna doll from the movie, "Frozen."
TV Show? There's so many shows I'm addicted to...I do love my Food Network shows and lately, I've been really addicted to "Chopped."

 Book? The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Song? One of my all-time favorite songs since I was a little girl is "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.


Also, have to include this since it's become one of my favorite songs, too, is "Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Nail polish color? Right now, I'm in love with nude, champagne and flesh colors because my nails are always breaking so I think those color makes rough-looking nails less noticeable.  Also, I think those colors are easier to match outfits with instead of worrying about clashing.
Article of clothing that you own? My dress I bought from The Sassy Magnolia boutique, I love the colors and design.  I bought it in the summer but I feel like it's a piece that I can carry over to wear in the fall and would look super cute with boots!
Animal? I've always been obsessed with tigers, I just think they're such beautiful creatures!

Jacksonville zoo, tigers

tiger, Jacksonville zoo

Tigers, Jacksonville zoo

Restaurant? There's so many that I love, it all depends on what I'm craving.  I think I'll have to say Chili's is my go-to restaurant because they have a good variety of food, kid-friendly and it doesn't break the bank. 
Type of blog to read? Other parenting blogs that talk about their parenting ups, downs and craziness!  There's comfort in knowing that we're all just trying to get through the day without leaving our kids somewhere or forgetting to pick them up (it only happened for me once but luckily, my son was in good hands!)
Beverage?  Right now, since fall is pretty much here, I'll have to go with pumpkin spice latte.  

Thank you so much, Echo, for the fun questions!  I enjoyed answering them!  Don't forget to head over to Domain of the Mad Mommy to read the questions I asked her.  

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If you would like to join in on the fun, too, head over to the Facebook page and ask to join.  Send out a #BuddyRequest to start swapping questions!  Let me know if you join so we can exchange, too. 

Have a fun Friday!


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