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9/11 Never Forget {My Bizarre Dream}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


  Shocking Dream About Forgetting 9/11


I had a dream last night that it happened...the world was on the brink of forgetting about 9/11, not everyone, only the few in our United States government.  The goal was that they wanted us to forget.  It was so bizarre.  We heard the news on TV and folks in our government made the announcement that after this year of acknowledging the tragedy of 9/11, it would be the last year to officially recognize the tragic event as a nation.  Why would we do that?  Were they serious?  We waited for the punch line... 

#neverforget, #911
Maybe they wanted us to move on, move forward and they thought the best way to do so was through forgetting and letting go.    

There was immediate outrage among the public.  It was not violent or aggressive outrage.  It was sadness, confusion, heart break and hurt.  How could you ask people to do that - to forget something that impacted so many lives, that struck a nation to its core?  

9/11, WTC, New York
My family visited New York during the holidays in 2009.  We passed by the WTC reconstruction site, (photo on the left).   You could feel the devastation and sadness in the air. 


This was just another bizarre, ridiculous dream I had, of course, as I was sleeping.  My dreams are always so vivid.  I blame the creative side of me... well,for me, my creative side has engulfed all sides of me!  I can't turn it off but even I was surprised about that dream.  How awful would that be if the government made that statement about a large piece of our history?  I am certain our government would never ask us to do such a horrible thing so my mind was relieved as soon as I realized it was just a terrible dream.

It did wake me up today to remind me that pieces of history, no  matter how big or small, should never be forgotten.    It is all one huge jigsaw puzzle that we need to fit together to complete the bigger picture.  Every piece helps us to make sense of things, to understand and learn from for our future and how every event affects our daily lives because there is no denying that after 9/11, all of us were affected in some way; rules, laws, goals and our thoughts changed.

9/11...We Will Never Forget


For many people, this is a day that they truly will never forget because they think about its impact constantly and were affected by it directly.  To those who passed away and the families left behind, rest assured that we will never forget.   This day weighs heavy on our hearts and you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Unfortunately, we can't change what has happened nor rewind and prevent it.  Remembering is a strong way to keep the memories of our loved ones  alive and remembering the tragedy that shocked us all is a powerful way to encourage us to stay strong and stand united.

History is Too Important to Forget or Be Boring 

I was in high school when the horror of 9/11 went down.  We heard the news by our JROTC instructor.  We were told to remove our uniforms we were wearing that day for weekly inspection.  I had to wear my gym clothes the rest of the day but even as a teenager, I was more concerned about what had just happened in New York.  He informed us to pay attention and remember that day because it was going to be a day marked in our history.  I remember not always paying attention in history class, thinking a lot of the stuff was boring but my perspective changed that day because this wasn't something happening in my history book, it was happening now, at that moment.  A moment I'm sure I will always remember, a moment that my own children will be reading about in their history books. 

Today, let's take time to remember the anniversary of September 11th.  We can never forget and the bizarre dream I had would never work unless they intentionally erased our memories somehow!    

Where were you when 9/11 occurred?  

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