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The Bouq's Company Review by B

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles 


The Bouq's Company


There is something about flowers that just make you feel happier, more special and add that extra charm needed for parties and decor.  Flowers are even better when they are delivered right to your door or given to you by that special someone.

Something even better than all of that is a warm, friendly company who want you to have the best customer service experience possible with amazing flowers that are easy to order in three short steps and arrive on time.  These quality standards are what you can expect from The Bouq's Company!

***This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions expressed are my own.***


What The Bouq's Company Can Do For You


When The Bouq's Company contacted me to be an ambassador, I was instantly impressed with their friendly, upbeat company personality.  It compelled me to take a closer look at the company and what they have to offer.  I became more excited to be a part of what they stood for the more I explored their website.  

Here are some reasons you should check out their website, too and why you should get hooked on Bouq's flowers!

Bouq's company, flowers, roses
Isn't this color gorgeous? 

What is The Bouq's Company All About?

  • The Bouq's Company flowers ships straight from an active volcano or from California. 
  • The company loves nature and values saving the environment (an issue I deeply support); they only use Eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect the environment and their workers.
  • They also value saving energy by cutting flowers that they will only be selling.  This practice avoids wasting bouquets that can equal up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, along with numerous wasted resources, land and fuel.
  • They further save energy through their direct-from-the-farm supply chain.  "We use cold storage for only 4 days from the Volcano, and not at all from California, resulting in a lot of energy savings."
  • And a reason that I especially admire: "Our farms provide living wages, childcare, healthcare and adult education. And our growing business supports farm communities, so you can feel good about shopping The Bouqs Company's flowers."  Who wouldn't want to support a company that does that??

Dawn bouquet, Bouq's Co.
This is the Dawn bouquet from The Bouq's Company.

What Can A Bouq's Bouquet Do For You?

A beautiful fresh bouquet can be the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or just to surprise someone just because you felt like it!  Trust me, receiving a gorgeous colorful bouquet of flowers at your doorstep or while at work can make someone's day brighter and bring a smile to her face.  I know my day lit up when the doorbell rang and my bouquet from The Bouq's Company was awaiting me!

Roses, Bouq's Company, flowers
My face lit up when my stunning bouquet from Bouq's arrived at my door step this week.


Bouquets Available Through The Bouq's Company's Volcano Collection: 


Awesome Sauce 





Bouq's Flowers Perfect for Decor In and Out of the Home


Roses, bouquet, wedding table setting


Bouq's Flowers Can Create a Table Setting Fit for a Wedding


Stunning flowers can make the difference between blah to wow! When it comes to table settings for special occasions like a wedding, having the right flowers can add that needed touch to make the occasion more magical.

Roses, The Bouq's Co., flowers


Floral Decor for Bridal Showers and Baby Showers


Planning a bridal shower, baby shower, brunch or gathering?  Picking up a bouquet from The Bouq's Company can turn your tables into the center of attention.  Their amazing flowers will bring a warm, vibrant atmosphere into the room.

Roses, table centerpiece, Flowers

 Bouq's Flowers Can Uplift the Mood

Is someone sick or recovering? Lighten up the room and someone's mood,as well.   Contribute to a happier mood and setting at the hospital or in someone's home by bringing in a colorful array of flowers.  Having an argument?  Flowers may be able to help fix that, too.  (Yes, the way to soften my heart is through velvet-soft petals).

Roses, rose bouquet, The Bouq's Company
I adore these pretty roses that now adorn my table at home!  Flowers definitely bring more life to a room.

Bouquets Available From The Bouq's Company's California Collection:

Far Out….Man


Tiki Torches

 Roses, bouquet, Bouq's bouquet


At a loss for Words?  Let the Petals Do the Talking


Not everyone is eloquent with words; my husband is often at a loss for the right things to say.  Verbal expression can be tough but choosing the right flowers to make up for it doesn't have to be as long as you allow The Bouq's Company to help you!  

Rose, Table setting, The Bouq's Co.

Let the Flowers Speak for Themselves!

What A Bouquet from The Bouq's Company Can Say:

  • I  miss you
  • I love you
  • I'm sorry
  • I'm thinking of you
  • Get well
  • Congratulations
  • You're special
  • You're beautiful
  • You mean a lot to me
  • You're awesome
  • You deserve this
  • Happy birthday
  • and more!

So, do you have a special occasion coming up that can use pretty flowers?  Order your beautiful bouquet today and brighten up someone's day!

Visit The Bouq's Company website by clicking on the banner below.  

**This post contains affiliates links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the links.  Thank you for your support!!!  Read my full Disclosure Policy.**

Happy shopping!

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