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Places to Join to Grow Your Blog's Traffic: Part 2

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Places to Join to Grow Your Blog's Traffic

Part 2

This is a continuation of my series I am doing to help other bloggers who are looking for ways to grow their audience and increase traffic to their blog.  

Every week, I want to highlight some of those places that drive traffic to my blog and that I am happy to be a part of because they not only help to bring exposure to my blog but they offer a strong sense of community.  If you are looking for more ways to increase traffic to your blog while building relationships, then you might want to check out these places, too.  For me, these websites are more than just websites - they are a community where sharing and inspiration are embraced.  The people who are a part of them are a community of members who enjoy interacting and connecting with one another.  They embrace building relationships, sharing each other's work and reaching out to help one another.  I've learned so much since being a part of them and am happy to continue growing with them.   

See my first post in this series here.

The community I'm sharing today may surprise some but since being a part of it, it is one of the places that ranks high in driving traffic to my blog.  

The first one I shared was IBA (International Bloggers Association)The one I'm sharing in this post is...  


HubPages is a place for writers to write about topics that they are experienced in or that interest them.  It is a revenue-sharing website so you can make money with it (another incentive to join).  ;)

Reasons why I like HubPages and Ways it Can Benefit You as a Writer and Blogger:

  • Free to use (who doesn't like free?)
  • A chance to make some extra cash ($50 threshold to make payout)
  • A chance to grow as a writer: The more you write, the more you grow.  Also, the more your read other articles from other authors on HubPages, it gives you the chance to learn from them and see other writing styles.
  • You can write about several topics of your choice, you don't have to stick with just one
  • User-friendly; it offers pre-set templates for you to use and tips on the best way to make your content evergreen
  • Receive other advice, help and feedback through comments in your articles and through the discussion forums.
  • A strong sense of community since you can follow other authors and interact.  Most everyone is friendly and supportive.  
  • You can place links to your other work that relate to what your article is about, including your blog, which is a reason I receive traffic to my blog from HubPages.
  • Also, you can include your social media networks and your blog in your Profile, another way to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Your articles (called Hubs), are first checked for quality writing before being published on the site which I like because you know you are producing content that has passed a set of standards, unlike some sites that do not care much if your writing is poor.
  • HubPages offers incentives in the form of awards and recognition 
  •  Refer other writers to write on HubPages and you can earn 10% commission from that person's impressions for a lifetime  (Sounds good to me!) :)

HubPages for me has been nothing but a fun, informative way to grow and improve my writing.   I try to challenge myself to improve my content and style of writing whenever I publish a new article with them.  

I also enjoy reading the wide range of topics that are posted on the site by other writers.  Similar to blogging, I have learned plenty that I don't think I ever would have if I didn't join HubPages and I've met so many great people that I most likely never would have connected with if not for writing for this site.

I encourage you to at least give HubPages a peek (anyone can read the hubs and you can even make comments without being a member). 

Consider joining if you're looking for more places online to show your content and grow your readership.  This is a great place to join if you are interested in making more connections, too.

When you're ready to join, I would forever appreciate it if you use my link.  Let me know when you do join so I can read your articles and follow you!

Do you write for HubPages or have you considered it?  What are your experiences?  Please share in the comments!

Happy writing and blogging!

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