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Have a Ball Stunt Hunt Video for Fruit Shoot

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Have a Ball Stunt Hunt with Fruit Shoot


How many hours a day does your child spend in front of the television, playing games on a mobile phone, tablet, video game or sitting in front of a computer screen?  Today's society is technology-driven, influencing children of all ages to spend a massive amount of time interacting with an electronic device instead of playing outside or using their imaginations.  There is nothing wrong with spending some time on these devices but more often than not, they do not encourage kids to be imaginative and creative.

 ***This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated by Fruit Shoot.  Thank you to Fruit Shoot for this opportunity.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Read my full Disclosure Policy.***

Fruit Shoot's Brand

The brand, Fruit Shoot, aims to encourage children to explore their creativity, be more active and use independent play that embraces the use of imagination.

Fruit Shoot, Have a Ball stunt hunt

What exactly is Fruit Shoot?

  • Robinson's Fruit Shoot is a juice drink brand from Britvic
  • Started in the United Kingdom and made its way to USA (in 2012, it began making juice drinks in Raleigh, North Carolina)
  • They offer ready-to-drink and concentrate products
  • Have been around for 110 years!

What I love and what you will love, too about Fruit Shoot:

  • No-spill cap : perfect for young children who like to run around and play, carry their drinks everywhere and for school lunches
  • You can choose regular or no sugar added flavors; we've tried all the flavors and my kids love them!   
  • No high fructose corn syrup used in either regular or the ones with no sugar added

Fruit Shoot Flavors:
  • Orange
  • Strawberry-Raspberry
  • Berry Burst
  • Apple

 About the Fruit Shoot Campaign

Fruit Shoot has teamed up with professional animated artists to create Hollywood-style animated videos to encourage children to tap into their full potential of active, imaginative play.  

The campaign is a video competition where you can make a short clip (10-30 seconds) of your child engaged in imaginative play using a small ball and Fruit Shoot.  Each week, there will be one winner whose video will be chosen to win the Hollywood-style animated video that you can cherish for years to come.

How does your child engage in imaginative play?

In the video, show Fruit Shoot and everyone else how your child engages with imaginative play.  Don't forget to include Fruit Shoot juice drink (one or as many as you like) and a small ball in some way.

The video can show your child engaged in:

  • Outdoor play, sports and physical games
  • Building blocks and other objects
  • Arts and crafts
  • Creating imaginative scenes and worlds
  • Simply running around, carefree

Ways My Children Engage in Imaginative Play


Fruit Shoot, juice drink, kids playing

I have two young children, my son who is currently six and my daughter who will be three next month.  What I love about this age group for both of them is their carefree perspective on life which I think plays a big part on how they are able to reign in their creativity to constantly create fun, unreal, out of this world scenarios!  Play time for them can be any time as long as they tap into their creative potential.  

They use their imagination with:
  • Building blocks
  • Playing outside
  • Pretending to be pirates
  • Arts and crafts (my little girl loves to doodle and paint)
  • My son loves playing with Legos and Star Wars, creating his own stories with them 
  • They build forts and hiding spots with pillows and blankets
  • They create their own worlds with big boxes and kitchen utensils

Our Fruit Shoot Have a Ball Stunt Hunt Video 


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We did a few different videos where my son was throwing the ball but we all agreed this one was best since my daughter was making that goofy sound!  There were other ways the kids wanted to play with the ball and the Fruit Shoot drinks but it just wasn't executing successfully.  We had fun either way and the kids enjoyed a chance to play outside and enjoy the Fruit Shoot juice drinks afterward. 

Now, it's your turn...

Shoot Your Own Fruit Shoot Video

The main point of this campaign is to engage your child in active, imaginative play and possibly get ideas on how to encourage more activities for independent play.  Join in and shoot a quick video of your child having fun, something I'm sure he does everyday!  Wouldn't it be awesome if your video wins and you can show him the incredible special effects that are integrated into his video?  I know my kids are excited for the chance to win!  Go to their site for more details.

Good luck and you have until September 10, 2014 to turn in your video.  

Also, if you buy 6 bottles of Fruit Shoot in a single transaction or  separate transactions that total 6 bottles, save the receipt (transactions between 7/1/14 - 9/7/14) and turn it in using the mail-in certificate form found on the site to receive a FREE Waboba Surf Ball (a ball that bounces on water)!
Also, I invite you to check out the Linqia Family if you are interested in promoting campaigns like this.

What types of activities do your kids enjoy to tap into their imaginative play?
Have fun making the video and let me know if you do so I can check it out!

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