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Back to School in First {DIY Banner}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


First Grade, Here We Come



Last week was a big week for us around here since my little boy, who is not so little anymore...*tears* started first grade. It felt like he just graduated kindergarten yesterday and that summer break had just begun.  I still remember so clearly his first day of kindergarten and how scared he was of a new, bigger school that included kids of all ages.  I still remember the first time he began preschool and how he cried so hard that first day as I rushed to get out the classroom door before he noticed.  I cried all the way home.  (Read about my depressing water works from that bittersweet post). The memories are flooding back and so are my misty eyes!  All you other mamas, do you still remember those days with your own kids so clearly?  It doesn't really get easier, does it?  We just plow through it and then when they graduate high school we are going to be a sobbing mess... at least I know I am!

back to school, first grade

Back to School Party

back to school party, school party

We had a little back to school party during dinner the night before school began.  We wanted our soon-to-be-first-grader to get excited for school and enjoy a few of his favorite food and treats.

back to school party, school party  

He requested fried chicken and S'mores.  We threw in some veggies, cheese dip, sugar sprinkle apple and butterfly cookies. 

apple cookies, sugar cookies, back to school
back to school cookies, apple cookie
apple cookie, butterfly cookie, back to school
Since Shark Week had just ended, too, we added in some blue frosting with shark sprinkles. 

 DIY Back to School Banner Using Recycled Material

We made a small banner to hang as part of our back to school celebration using a cereal box.  This is a fun way to recycle cereal boxes and get the kids involved in a little bit of arts and crafts.
  1. We cut the box to open all the way from front to back. 
  2. Then, I cut out triangles and had the kids paint them with black acrylic paint.
  3. After drying, I used a hole puncher to punch two holes into each triangle.
  4. I used a white chalk to write "1st Grade" across the banner.
  5. Finally, I used twine to loop through the holes to hang the banner.

crafts, diy, back to school banner

We used the same cereal box to make a ruler to put on the wall, as well. 

DIY banner, crafts, recycle cereal boxes

 Use one of the sides of the cereal box, cover it with construction paper or other paper.  
Then, I copied the markings from the actual ruler onto the makeshift ruler.

recycle cereal box, diy ruler, crafts for back to school
DIY crafts, recycle cereal box, back to school party

Our little back to school wall decor: 

back to school banner, diy banner

First Day Back to School 


Left: This year's photo on his first day of 1st grade.  Right: 1st day of kindergarten last year.

Little sis wanted to take a photo, too but no school for her this year!  A teacher at Brody's school thought she was a student, however, and asked if she was staying.  I was like, "No, not today!"  My little girl may be ready for school but I'm not ready to let go yet!


Here he is sitting in front of his new class room waiting for school to start.  Another year of school is here, can you believe it?? He is growing too fast and I can't keep up.  Time is escaping me for sure.  Hello, first grade!  Good luck this year, my little boy, I know you will do great and make us proud!!

How did you feel this year about your little one going off to school?  I know it is inevitable and necessary but I still want to hold onto him tight.  

Happy first day of school!





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