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#AskAwayFriday with Saving Everyday with Sonya K.

  Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

#AskAwayFriday with Saving Everyday with Sonya K.

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This week is my first time participating in #AskAwayFriday and I am so ecstatic to be a part of this!  I've read these posts before and thought it looked like such a warm way to learn more, connect and share fun questions with other bloggers.  

I exchanged my first set of questions this week with Sonya at Saving Everyday with Sonya K.  She has a wonderful blog where she shares her shopping adventures on incredible deals she finds and also lets us know about where to find current sales.  She also shares her health/fitness goals and experiences, as well as her family life.   Be sure to check out her blog here.


1. What are three destinations on your travel bucket list?  Ireland, Japan and France

2. What has been your favorite place to vacation with your kids?  So far, since they are still so young, our favorite and most frequent place to visit is Orlando, FL.  It's near by and there are many kid-friendly activities, theme parks (of course!) and just staying at a resort hotel for a weekend while hanging out makes them happy and makes it easy for us.

3. My kids love baking cakes and cookies. What is your favorite thing to cook with your kids? It has to be chocolate chip and sugar sprinkle cookies since those are two of their favorite cookies.  We also love making cupcakes and decorating the icing.  

3. Online vs. In-store shopping? Which one do you prefer?  It used to be the full shopping experience of shopping at the store but since having kids, I prefer shopping as much as possible online for the convenience.  Also, I've found that a lot of the stores we like to shop at offer more available clothing and deals online.

4. I see you have a few Nutella recipes on your blog. What is your favorite Nutella recipe?  Yes, we love Nutella at our house, especially my kids who call their favorite Nutella recipe, "chocolate bread" - which is just Nutella in a sandwich.  My favorite Nutella recipe are the Nutella brownies.  I love how it doesn't take much to bake it and you can even make it in the microwave.   It tastes so good while it's warm and sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without eating too much.

5. What is the cutest thing your kids have said lately?  My kids love cotton candy but they haven't ate any in a long time.  I recently heard my son asks his little sister if she wants to eat cotton candy and of course, she says yes.  He tells her that they need to get a bird then.  She says, "A bird?  Okay."  That's when I ask him why they need a bird.  He replies, "That's where cotton candy comes from, right, Mom?  The feathers from a bird because it's soft like cotton candy."  I have no idea how he put those two together but it made sense in his head!  I guess they were that desperate to eat cotton candy.

6. What television shows are you looking forward to seeing this fall? Once Upon A Time, Arrow, The Originals and Vampire Diaries.

7. Halloween costumes are popping up in all the stores and it is only August. What was your favorite costume as a kid?  My favorite animal has always been the tiger and as a kid, I remember dressing up one year as "Tony the Tiger" ...that was hands down, my favorite costume as a kid, especially since my mom always made me dress up as an angel for many years afterward!

8. Do you dress up for Halloween with your kids? If so, please share pictures if you have any available.  Unfortunately, no, I don't have any photos but wish I did.  I'm always so caught up in getting the kids' costumes that I'm usually just in my regular clothes.  I think it would be fun if we all dressed up in the same theme as a family so maybe that's something we can do this year.

9. Any tips for taking awesome portrait studio pictures as a family?  With young children, you want to plan it during a time of day when you know they will not be hungry, sleepy or cranky in any way; usually the earlier in the day, the better.  Prepare kids by letting them know what will be happening, what they can expect and get them excited about the photo shoot so that they will want to do it.  It helps if there is someone else coming along who won't be in the photos that the child is fond of so they can be the "helper" to keep the child focused toward the camera. They can wave, call the child's name and use toys to keep the child's attention toward the camera.  Children have very little patience when it comes to posing so if you or the photographer have poses in mind already, the shoot will run smoother, too.   

10. What is your favorite holiday? Least favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is actually Halloween ever since having children.  It's fun to have them get dressed up and decorate the house with spooky decorations.  My least favorite holiday is Christmas just because of all the stress and how busy it gets with things like visiting family, making trips to different places, attending parties and other obligations during that time. 

Thank you so much, Sonya, for these awesome questions!  I had lots of fun answering them.  Head over to Sonya's blog to see my questions that she answered.

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Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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