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#AskAwayFriday with MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


#AskAwayFriday with MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter



Happy Friday!  It's been super busy around here... my little girl has been sick this week so I've been caring for her and balancing out my son's school schedule along with my increasingly busy work schedule.  So, needless to say, I'm glad it's Friday and the weekend!  Hope you all have had a great week.  It's time for #AskAwayFriday ...

#AskAwayFriday is when two bloggers exchange a set of ten questions with each other and answer them on their own blog.  This week I am swapping questions with one of the co-hosts from #AskAwayFriday -- Mrs. Tee {Tiffany} from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.  She has a great blog where she shares her family life, stories about her inspiration and faith, blogging tips and so much more! 

Mrs.Tee from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter

Now, onto the questions she asked me and my answers!

First thing you do when you wake up...
If I wake up from my alarming going off, the first thing I do is shut it off.  I am a little embarrassed to admit the first thing I do afterward is check my phone for messages and email.  I do like to pray and meditate in the morning as much as possible if my kids are not already pulling me out of bed.

Where do you get you news: Facebook, Newspaper, Online...?
Twitter and Facebook

Sunglasses or a hat?
Since I live in Florida, our sun can be pretty cruel.  I'm always wearing sunglasses outside, sometimes I will throw on a hat if it is raining or if I'm heading for a walk or to the beach.

I see you have a passion for photography. What is your best photography tip?
Don't be afraid to get close and take shots at various angles.  

What camera do you have?
Nikon J1.  I love it for the size and because it's a hybrid so I feel it is user-friendly and easy to carry with me.

If you could make a photography purchase with no price limits what would you get?
I wish I could have made a big purchase this year because my J1 did take a beating in the Spring when I dropped it and killed the power circuit.  I had to have it replaced and for the cost of that, I wish I had just spent a little more to buy a new camera.  I would definitely like to own a DSLR, probably a Nikon since that's what I'm used to using but I would still want to start with a Canon Rebel because I have heard it's a good idea for those new to DSLR cameras.

You mention homemade ice cream in you intro - do you make it? What's your favorite flavor?
Homemade ice cream, Golden Oreo recipe

Yes, I have been making it this year and so far my favorite flavor has been banana mixed with golden Oreos.  It turned out so good especially in an ice cream cone. 

You seem to enjoy recipes. What's your favorite: sweet or savory foods?
I would have to say sweet because I have a huge sweet tooth!

What's a DIY you've always wanted to do but haven't yet? Why haven't you done it?
Ever since I took wood shop class in middle school, I've become interested in DIY projects.  I recently made my daughter a good size dollhouse using cardboard boxes but she and her brother played with it so much, it didn't last long.  It just wasn't sturdy enough so a big DIY project I've wanted to do since then but haven't yet is to create a large wooden dollhouse for my little girl that includes real wooden furniture.  It's something that will have to wait because I don't have the space right now and proper tools. 

Last thing you do before bed...
Turn on my alarm, pray with my hubby and kiss him good night.

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for the awesome questions!  Be sure to head over to Mrs.TeeLoveLifeLaughter to see her answers to my questions including her favorite type of girl scout cookie!


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Happy Friday!

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