Thursday, July 31, 2014

Places to Join to Grow Your Blog's Traffic: Part 1

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


   Where You Can Connect to Increase Your Blog's Traffic


I want to highlight some of the places that drive traffic to my blog and that I am happy to be a part of because they not only help to bring exposure to my blog but they offer a strong sense of community.  If you are looking for more ways to increase traffic to your blog while building relationships, then you might want to check out these places, too.  These are communities where sharing and inspiration are embraced.  The people who are a part of them are a community of members who enjoy interacting and connecting with one another.  They embrace building relationships, sharing each other's work and reaching out to help one another.  I've learned so much since being a part of them and am happy to continue growing with them. 

It's All About Community

If you are looking for ways to increase the visibility of your blog or drive more traffic to it while feeling like you are a part of something bigger, then these places may be a good fit for you.

The first one I'm going to share is the International Bloggers Association (IBA)

International Bloggers Association

What is IBA?

"The IBA is all about helping bloggers expand their audience by providing opportunities to share and be shared by other members of our community."

This is something I'm so excited to share because IBA lives up to everything I described above when I was discussing community and how that drives traffic to my blog.  I love the mission behind IBA!  If you love engaging and having an influence in social media, are looking to connect, network, make new friends with fellow bloggers and want a place to go for questions about blogging, then this is something you need to join.  

The story behind its roots is inspiring; it was founded by Brittany Bullen (you can read more about why she started it here) and you can get more information about IBA here.

The IBA is all about connecting, sharing, learning from one another and also being rewarded for your efforts which the IBA's motto explains well, "When bloggers support each other, everybody wins."

Increase Visibility to Your Blog


The IBA offers several ways to have your work shared to increase visibility to your blog:

  • There is a Sharing Bank which bloggers can post their links to so others can re-share it.
  • There is a section for official IBA party link-ups that you can participate in.
  • If you want to share your blogging advice or are looking for more ways to learn about blogging or blog marketing, you can submit a guest post or read about ways that can help you in the Library section.
  • The Blog Directory offers an overview of who the members are and what type of blog they have so you can find blogs similar to yours.  It's a great way to connect and meet fellow members in one location.
  • You can also stay connected with the IBA through all the social media networks. 

How to Apply for the IBA

1.  You can be nominated to join by another member of the IBA or
2. Apply here

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you around the IBA!

Don't forget to check in again next week for another resource I will be sharing that influences my blog's traffic.  (This one may be a surprise to some but it is actually a place that has a high influence in boosting my blog traffic!)

Enjoy the last day of July and happy blogging!


Just a heads up, I'll be participating in my first giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all my readers!  Be sure to be back starting August 11th to enter and spread the word!

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