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Easy, Fun Graduation Kids' Crafts

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Easy Graduation Kids' Crafts


This is the week...I can't believe how fast it's little boy's last week of kindergarten!  A bit sad since it means he's growing up even more.  I'm so proud of him, though, for all he's accomplished and learned this past school year.  We plan on celebrating with him after his awards ceremony so we made some easy, fun crafts using material we've found around the house.  Maybe we'll have a little party for him and he can break open the Graduation Cap Pinata I made for him.    I like to save corks, bottles, glass jars and all kinds of things nowadays since I figured I could use them for craft projects or find ways to let my kids use them somehow.

  Toilet Paper Tube Graduation Crafts

These crafts are so easy to make and you can use things you have at home.  Wrap construction paper around an empty toilet paper tube, draw a face or use craft eyes, buttons or small pom poms for eyes.  I used white felt for the owl's belly.  I rolled up some white scrap paper for the diplomas and tied ribbon or yarn around it.  The caps were just rectangle pieces of construction paper, pom poms and ribbon and yarn for the tassel. 

Graduation Cap Toppers

These graduation cap toppers for the Tootsie Roll Pops were inspired by a post I found on Pinterest here.  Hers are super cute!  Just use bottle caps and whatever else you have around the house to create these.  I used food cans to place these pops in and wrapped construction paper around it.  These would be a cute idea for centerpieces or as a gift for the graduate.


 Cork Graduate

This cork little boy graduate is my favorite one!  My son likes him a lot, too and kept wanting to play with him.  I used a permanent marker to draw his face and bow tie, then glued on a scrap of rolled white paper and ribbon for the diploma.  The graduation cap is made from a beer bottle cap, a square piece of cardboard from a cereal box covered with black construction paper.  I glued on a small black pom pom and gray ribbon for the tassel.

Wise Owl Graduate

Cardboard and Tissue Paper Graduation Banner

I cut out triangles from food boxes like cereal boxes and wrapped tissue paper around it.  Then, I punched holes and put a ribbon through them to bind them all together.  This would be a quick and inexpensive party decor idea for a graduation party.

Paper Graduation Cards

I made a few different graduation cards for my son that my little girl wanted to help with.  She had a lot of fun knowing that she was making some cards for her big brother.  

We plan on taking our little kindergarten graduate to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens afterward, then a little celebration dinner that evening at the house for him to open a few gifts, mostly books and cards with surprises. Such a special time for him and another bittersweet ending for us, his parents!   

How about you?  How do you plan on celebrating the graduate in your life?

Enjoy your week,


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