Monday, June 9, 2014

Broken Crayons Reused for Color Block Candles

  Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

 Reusing Broken Crayons for Candle-Making


  As a mother of two little ones, we have tons of crayons and paint.  There are even crayons in my purse and always in the just never know and must be prepared!  That means that broken crayons are expected and we have tons of that, too.


Make sure you center the wick properly before it hardens!
There are many ways you can reuse them if the kids don't use them to color with anymore.  One of those ways that I found was through here.  I love this idea and it makes a great gift!  The first one I made, which is this one, is a candle I gave for a bridal shower gift a few weeks ago.

I love how the colors turned out!

I mixed in white wax flakes and crayons that were of similar colors to combine in this candle.

Mix in scented oil to add more fragrance!

 Make Candles For Gift-Giving 


Candles make nice gifts for any occasion.  Add it in a gift basket for a relaxing, calming gift.  You can add in other spa items to complete the gift basket for several special occasions.  

How to Make Candles Reusing Broken Crayons


For the full tutorial and more photos on how to make these candles and other color-layered candles, please visit my article by clicking on the image:

Reusing and upcycling is something that is important to me and often, I feel that homemade items gifts are the best!  I reused the jars here to make these, too.  

What crafty projects have you been making lately?  Any DIY gifts you made for a bridal shower?

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