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Brody's Lego Star Wars Birthday Party: Part 2

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


It took me awhile but I'm finally posting the rest of my son's Lego Star Wars birthday party.  It was an exciting, fun and...exhausting party to plan and execute!  It was worth it, however, for my little boy who turned six and had been talking about it for months and months ever since he discovered the world of Star Wars.  LEGOs has been his favorite toys to collect and play with lately, therefore, Lego Star Wars was perfect for his birthday theme.

Star Wars Printables, Food, DIY Party Ideas 

Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

The party was located at my son's favorite park that had a sheltered pavilion for us to rent. 
Lego, Star Wars Masks, Star Wars wars printables

Lego Star Wars, light saber pool noodles, Star Wars masks

Luckily, the planning part was not too difficult since there were so many helpful options and suggestions on-line and in stores.  We didn't really buy anything from stores that were Star Wars-themed except for a few items.  One of them was a personal Star Wars drinking cup which was 94 cents and he was able to take it home and reuse it.  

Star Wars family photo, pool noodles

Free LEGO Star Wars and Star Wars Printables On-line 


Everything else, like all these paper masks and print outs were available for free on-line from various sites.  Some of them I created myself through a simple Word doc, such as the sign on the box below that says, "Party we must but first...a selfie we must take."  I thought Yoda's wisdom would work nicely for the 'Selfie' photo trend and everyone could wear a Star Wars mask for some fun party pics!

Star Wars birthday masks, Star Wars crafts

 You can also punch holes on the sides, tie a string and use them as costume/Halloween masks.

 Star Wars masks, light saber pool noodles

Obviously, these photos aren't actual 'Selfies' but I thought it was a cute idea!

Star Wars, Star Wars masks

Star Wars masks, Princess Padawan
Selfie, Star Wars selfie, Star Wars masks


Birthday Recipient Wish Box


I found this Lego Star Wars birthday image on the box below through Google and glued it onto this makeshift Lego block.  This was a wish box for people to write wishes for the birthday boy and we will be placing it into his party scrapbook.  He enjoyed reading what everyone wrote on the index cards after the party.  You can also read them during the party if you have time.  We placed a can of pens and index cards next to it for the guests to use.

Birthday cards, Star Wars birthday

I took a child's size shoe box, covered it in green construction paper and cut out circles for the Lego dots on top.  I doubled up some clear tape to stick the dots on instead of glue so that the circles will pop up a little bit.  

Lego birthday, Star Wars birthday

Lego Star Wars Party Food


For the food, many of the choices were my son's favorite things to eat but also we wanted to use the suggested food "Star War names" so we tried to make it fit as much as possible.

Meatballs for the "Thermal Detonators."

Padawan Pizza, Star Wars food

My son's favorite, pizza - "Padawan Pizza"

Bow-ba-fett pasta, Star Wars food

Cold pasta for "Bow-Ba Fett Pasta."

Trooper Scoopers, Star Wars food

Wookie Cookies" - chocolate chip cookies, his favorite cookies.

I made the Tropper Scoopers sign myself through Word using a free Jedi Knight font download that I installed.  You can find the font download here.

fruit kabobs, Star Wars food

Princess Lays, Star Wars food
Star Wars food, Padawan Popcorn

For the popcorn, we mixed in pink and white sprinkled circus animal cookies.

Animal Circus Cookies, Padawan Popcorn

Ewok Treats, Star Wars food

"Ewok Treats" - Rice Krispy Treats that were chocolate-flavored with white sprinkled chocolate on top.

Sugar Cookies, Sprinkles

I don't think I named these sugar sprinkle cookies but our kids love sugar cookies, too, especially our little girl.

Vader-ade, Star Wars Party, Yoda Soda 

For the drinks we served "Luke Skywater" - water with orange and lemon slices; "Yoda Soda" - Gingerale - the Yoda Soda was meant to be a green drink and we bought Mountain Dew but then left it at home...oops!  "Vader-Ade" was Crystal Light.

I found these fun straws that change color as you sip up the cold drink.  The kids loved it and the idea behind it was that the straws light up like lightsabers!

Use the Forks Luke, Star Wars

  "Use the forks, Luke."  

I made this fork container using a Panko crumbs container and wrapped construction paper around it. 

I got this cool idea from here on Pinterest.  

 Star Wars Birthday, Star Wars food

 Time for Cake!

Lego Star Wars Cake 

Star Wars cake, Star Wars party

Star Wars food, Star Wars cake

My son has asked for strawberry cake every birthday (except his first birthday, of course) and so this year was no different.  He also wanted the light blue icing.  I wanted to keep it simple and easier for myself as far as decorating the cake goes.  I decided to make the cake decorations by just using his Star Wars toys especially since we had to transport everything to another location.

Star Wars cake, Star Wars food

As you can see from this photo, this cake moved around a bit on the ride to the party.

Star Wars party, Star Wars cake

He had two 8x8 cakes along with some strawberry cupcakes.

Star Wars cake, Star Wars food
Star Wars cupcakescupcake, strawberry cupcake

 Lego Star Wars Party Favors


For the party favors, I made these tags that say, "Thank you for coming to Jedi Knight Brody's 6th Birthday" and attached the Lego heads to them.  I used brown paper bags we already had, filled it with bubbles, some candy and Star Wars stickers.  I then folded the top over once, punched a hole in it along with the tag and tied a ribbon through.  I curled the ribbon, as well. 

We passed these bags out before they played with the pinata so they could put all their goodies into the bag. 

Star Wars party, Star Wars gift bags

Brody helped to color the Lego heads.

Star Wars party, bracelet bands

I also made these bracelet bands that my son and all his friends like.  They were able to pick out which ones they wanted to make sure the size fit them.  Again, I made a "Lego block" using a shoe box and wrapping it with construction paper.

Star Wars party, light saber pixie sticks

One of Brody's favorite candy - These Pixie Stix mini "lightsabers" were placed by the favor bags so the kids could take some with them, too.

 Lego Star Wars Party Games and Activities


light saber pool noodles, Star Wars party

I found a medium-sized box to hold the lightsabers.  I wrapped it with black tissue paper and attached the sign to the front.

The first thing all the kids wanted to do was play with the lightsabers.  The adults got attacked every now and then with them, too, as you can see in the photo below!  The tutorial to make these pool noodle lightsabers are also in my article here.

Light saber pool noodles, Star Wars party

Build the Lego Man Game


I wanted to make sure there were some games that were a nod to Legos.  This game runs like "Pin the tail on the donkey" but instead, pinning the arms on the Lego man to build him.  My son colored him and we went ahead and glued all his pieces onto the black poster board, including the arms as a guide of where they should be placed.  Each child received one arm with tape on the back to try to place onto the poster. 

Lego game, Pin the arms on the Lego man

To blindfold them, we cut out an extra Lego face, punched holes on the side and tied a string on it for the kids to wear during the "Build a Lego Man" game and for the pinata.

Lego game, pin the arms on the Lego manPin the arms on the Lego man

Lego game, pin the arms on the Lego man

Attack of the Clones

Another game was "Attack of the Clones" where we released some balloons for the kids to try to keep up in the air using their Jedi Knight training and lightsabers.

Attack of the clones game, Star Wars partyBalloon game, Attack of the clone army balloons

Attack of the clone army game, Star Wars game Star Wars pinata, Star Wars party Star Wars Pinata

Star Wars pinata

 Star Wars Death Star Pinata

My sister helped to make this Star Wars Death Star pinata.  The kids couldn't wait to break it open.

Star Wars pinata

Guess the Lego Block Pieces

Lego Star Wars party, Star Wars game

 Another Lego game we played that were for the kids and adults were to guess how many Lego pieces were inside a jar.  

Lego game, Star Wars party game

Star Wars Trivia  


We had a Star Wars Trivia game for the adults.

I made the lightsabers below using empty gift-wrapping tubes.  I wrapped colored tissue paper around them with glue then glued down the paper lightsaber designs on top, which I found here.

light saber wrapping paper tube, crafts

The red lightsaber was the prize for the trivia game.  The green lightsaber was what the kids used to break the pinata open.

Playground Fun

The kids played on the big castle-type playground in between the games and activities.  There was also a sand box area which the younger kids enjoyed. 

  Lego Star Wars Party Decorations

I reused food cans to make the table centerpieces.  I wrapped duct tape around it and cut strips of electric tape to make it look like the hilt of the lightsaber.  Inside were some rocks to hold the can down.  The Star Wars characters were made from paper.  The link to create these characters can also be found in the link here.

Star Wars birthday party, Darth Vader decor

A Happy Birthday balloon was attached to each can, as well.

Jedi Training, Star Wars party

This is a Bingo game but I only used it as part of one of the centerpieces, as you can see in the pic below.  I placed a photo of my son in the middle where it says, "Free."  It would be a fun game to play at a party or just at home with the kids!

I googled images of "Star Wars Games" and this Bingo game popped up.  All I did was print it out but the link takes you to this blog site.

Yoda party decor, Star Wars party

I Googled the image for yoda and this sign came up so I used it as part of the centerpiece, too.

Lego party, Star Wars party

I created this sign through my Word doc.  We had photos lined up of the birthday boy that were clipped with mini clothes pins onto a streamer.  It stretched to the length of the table and most pics were from the past couple years.  In hindsight, we should have included a few baby photos, as well!

Star Wars crafts

Star Wars crafts
Another great site for more Star Wars party ideas and free printables can be found here.

Star Wars party invites

I made these invites myself: I Googled images of Lego Star Wars and pics of the toy boxes popped up.  This is the one Brody liked best.  The image was free from any writing on it except for the Lego Star Wars symbol at the top.  I saved the image and then uploaded it in Word and typed out the party details.

Overall, it was a fun party...we were all definitely tired and ready to just sit and do nothing after a full day of running around! 

There are lots of awesome party ideas out there to throw a kid's Star Wars party, whether it be for a birthday, Star Wars Day celebration or just for fun!  (Many looked much more elaborate than the one here!)


Find the free printables I used at the party in this post!

Are you a fan of Star Wars?  How are you celebrating Star Wars Day?

BNadyn, Bernadyn, B

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