Monday, May 12, 2014

Break from Chaos on Mother's Day

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Break for Mom

 All I wanted for Mother's Day was a day to relax, not work, not take care of the household and deal with every little thing when it came to the children....pretty much one day that was not normal but a break from my daily chaos!  Luckily, hubby listened and tried hard to fulfill my wishes.  Don't you love it when that happens?  We visited St. Augustine, FL which is fortunately, not too far from our city.  It is a place where I have only happy memories so it was the perfect place for me to feel stress-free.

A Visit to St.Augustine, FL

The day began with hubby making me a delicious, fresh and healthy breakfast... with a couple mimosas...yum. ;)   He then prepared a picnic for us to take for lunch.  We visited St. Augustine, FL, one of our favorite places to be and spent most of the day there.  We stopped for treats before and after lunch.  First, we went to The Hyppo where they serve gourment ice pops.  We each had fresh, tasty popsicles to cool us down. 


 Picnic and Family Pictures on Mother's Day


Playing hide and seek

For our picnic, hubby made chicken salad sandwiches and brought along chips, strawberries and grapes.  The kids ran around and played hide and go seek while we ate lunch.  Afterward, we walked around the park and took some pictures.  Unfortunately, I still have not gotten my trusty Nikon camera repaired so my photos have not been as good as I like them to be.  Hopefully, this week I can have someone take a look at it. 

Mother's Day Card

 My little boy, Brody, made me this sweet card in school. 

Brody always makes a big deal about my hair being red, although, it's not actually red right now, more of a brown.  He also wrote, "My mother likes to: go on the computer and to shop."  I hope that's not what he thinks I do all day on the computer!  Trust me, as much as I'd like to, I rarely do!  Also, he said my favorite food is "chinese soup."  I think he meant Vietnamese Pho because that's a comfort food of mine when I'm not feeling well.  

A picture Brody drew for me of our family.  It says, "I love you," at the top.

 Dinner and Dessert

After our picnic, we walked around to check out the little shops some more and the kids were craving some ice cream so we stopped for strawberry ice cream.  Hubby and I decided to show the kids the bed and breakfast we stayed at for our honeymoon in St.Augustine. The kids enjoyed seeing it because we told them it was like staying at a hotel.  This excited Brody, who adores staying at hotels.

Hubby cooked dinner, as well and then my mom and sister stopped by that evening.  The night before on Saturday, Hubby pampered me with a pedi and full body was a wonderful treat that Mommy needed. 

A Break from My Daily Chaos

I found that I was happy to take a break from being on the computer all day and that we all could use a nice break every now and then.  I'm realizing that I really need to take more breaks and schedule some "ME" time.  I'm usually writing and working on different projects all day for at least 10-12 hours a day, usually more, while caring for my daughter.  It was nice to not have to cook, clean, do laundry, take care of kids on my own and to not be hunched over the computer for the majority of the day.  I still engaged in some social media but very limited interaction!  Mostly, I was happy that my family showed me how much I am appreciated and gave me at least a few hours to not expect me to care for them.  From what I can remember, I didn't pick up one clutter in the house yesterday, what an accomplishment, yay!

I wish every Sunday was Mother's Day!

How was your Mother's Day?  What was the highlight of your day?

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