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Easter and Spring Crafts Using Recycled Material

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Easter is only days away. Are you ready to celebrate this holiday?  Even if this isn't a holiday you celebrate, it can still be fun to make Easter or Spring crafts with the kids.  There are plenty of craft projects you can make by reusing material you already have.  Things like toilet paper rolls that we all go through several times a month and cardboard boxes from food like cereal can be reused and turned into some fun crafts!

Recycle, Upcycle, DIY

Easter and Spring Crafts

These toilet paper bunnies are hot on Pinterest, probably because toilet paper tubes are something we all have readily available and these are easy to make.  You can make these bunnies as simple or creative as you want.  I used old buttons, construction paper and pom poms I already had to make this bunny family with my little girl.

Crafts, Paper Crafts, Upcycle

Upcycle, Recycled Crafts, Kids' Crafts

Ruffles and hair bows for the girls and bow ties for the boys!

Easter cards, Kids' Crafts, Upcycled Crafts

 These Easter bunny cards (made with oatmeal boxes, used wrapped paper and construction paper) can be given to grandparents and family members and stuffed into the bunny envelopes below.

Upcycled Crafts, Easter Cards, Recycled Crafts

Recycle the envelopes that were given to you with birthday and anniversary cards.

Kids' Crafts, DIY, Upcycled

Use Recycled Material for Crafts

I always keep yogurt cups, fruit cups and ice cream cups, so I painted these yogurt cups, tied pipe cleaners around them for handles, and filled them with the leftover scrap paper we used from the other crafts.  I reused an olive oil jar by painting the inside green and turned it into a vase for this paper daffodil.

Upcycled, Kids' Crafts, Peeps

 These would be nice for centerpieces on the table for a party or as party favors.

Bunny Ears, Kids' Crafts
Bunny ears made from cereal box and tissue paper.

Make Easter Baskets Using Shoe Boxes

Kids' Crafts, Easter Basket

You can use shoe boxes to make Easter baskets.  Use them as centerpieces or for house decor.  You can make them sturdy and decorative for the kids to use when egg hunting.

Kids' Crafts, Easter Paper Grass

Make Your Own Easter Grass


No need for store-bought Easter grass - Crinkle your leftover scraps from your projects and use it as Easter grass.

 My little bunny!
 Easter Decorations, Kids' Crafts, Upcycled Crafts

Easter paper eggs and bunny are made from newspaper, paper doilies and construction paper glued to cardboard from oatmeal boxes.

Tip: use a hole puncher to make dots for eyes!  Also, use a hole puncher to make confetti for parties using scraps of paper from your craft projects...make that paper stretch a long way!

What Easter and/or Spring crafts have you been working on?






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