Friday, April 11, 2014

Brody & Brielle: Sibling Love {National Siblings Day}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


April 10th is National Siblings Day

Yesterday was National Siblings Day (I did not realize a day for that even existed until today) I wanted to still honor it for my children even though I'm a day behind.

When my son, Brody, was two, we asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister.  He always said yes but went back and forth with his answer between brother and sister.  Now, whenever we ask him, he says, "Zero!"  I know he loves his little sister, however, even though he clearly cannot stand her at times.  Most of the time, though, he enjoys her company.  When she is not around, he wonders where she is and he can be very protective of her.  When she cries or seems frustrated, like in the car, he asks her what's wrong and tries to help her.  He enjoys showing her how to do things and now that she can interact more with him, he enjoys playing with least, most days!
Brother Sister, Family

I see them as your typical siblings - they play together, argue, make each other cry but also team up together...even on their parents!  

At the end of the day, I know they adore one another.

She's always following him, waiting to see what he does.

  I love watching them interact, especially when they are getting along! 

  He gets jealous of her every now and then but I know he loves his little sister.

 When they are together, they can be double trouble...but also a lot of fun!

"Where did Brody go?"
She is always looking for her brother.

I asked him if he remembered what life was like before his sister was here.  He said he couldn't remember.

I asked him how life is now with her here.  He said, "Hilarious!"

I can't imagine life without both of them!  These two are my world and even though I'm finding that life has gotten a bit more complicated with two little ones instead of just one...
I wouldn't have it any other way!

Picking flowers for his sister last Easter.

He always picks flowers for her and shows me toys to buy for her.  
She calls him, "My Brody."
What a sweet pair!

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