Friday, April 18, 2014

Baking Easter Treats

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Easter weekend is here!  This holiday and this Spring season has really inspired me to try new things, especially in the kitchen.  I'm finding that baking and cooking can really bring people family now loves to work together in the kitchen and I'm happy that my kids have such an interest for helping to cook and bake.  We've been making Easter treats all week...  I love the soft, pastel colors of Easter.  I wanted to try making pastel rainbow cupcakes with rainbow icing. They were so fun to make with the kids and look so pretty to eat!  We also made rice Krispy treats, marshmallow pops and a rainbow Angel Food Cake.  Maybe you can use some of these ideas for your Easter weekend, too!

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Rainbow Party Food Ideas


See my article here for more rainbow food party ideas and instructions on how to make my version of rainbow cake and icing.

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Rainbow Food, Rainbow Cake in a Jar

We put some Angel Food Cake in a jar and topped it with cool whip, sprinkles and a marshmallow Peep.

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

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I used a coconut cake recipe instead of white cake and only used a few drops of food coloring.  It's best to use white cake for rainbow cakes if you want more vibrant colors. 

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Easter Egg Cake

We had extra batter so we made an egg cake!  When you cut into it, a rainbow is waiting!

Rainbow Cake

Okay, so the Angel Food Cake didn't go as planned, it fell apart but I decided to salvage it still by crumbling it up and putting it into a pie pan.  We put the rest into milkshakes...yum!

Peeps, Marshmallow, Easter Pie

We topped the cake with cool whip and whipped cream...then added more sprinkles and Peeps.

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We also made some marshmallow pops.

Rice Krispy Treats

 I love these soft colors.

Rice Krispy Treats

Easter Eggs, Neon Colored Eggs

Of course, we dyed some eggs, too.  Lyla kept thinking dye as in "to die" so every time we put the egg in dye, she said, "The egg is dying!"  It was cute but she said it in a sad voice.

We were trying to make ombre-colored eggs.

Coconut Cupcakes, Rainbow Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcake Recipe


I found this delicious coconut cupcake recipe and had to try it!  They turned out great!

I had a box from store-bought cupcakes that my sister brought over a week ago.  I kept it and reused it to put my own cupcakes in...great idea if you need to bring them to a party or to give as a gift!

Food is comforting...and so is making it together!  I love that it is something my family can all take such an interest in and something that binds us closer.

What goodies have you been making this week?

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We're ready for Easter fun, enjoy yours and have a nice weekend!


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