Friday, February 14, 2014

Baking and Making for Valentine's Day

Written by, Bernadyn

Happy Valentine's Day!  It's been a long week and I'm glad it's the weekend.  We've been doing a lot of baking and making Valentine's treats and goodies this week.  We used the Wilton Candy Melts for a lot of our goodies.  I love how you can use them for a variety of dessert ideas.  

Easy Treats Using Candy Melts

Using Candy Melts, we made:
  • marshmallow pops
  • candy molds
  • cookies 
  • chocolate-covered strawberries  

Valentine's Day Traditions

We still have heart-shaped cake pops to make today, too, so we will be on a sugar high by the time this day is over!  Haha, just kidding, we're not eating all of it ourselves, we made them mostly to give out for friends and family.  The kids love doing that each year and it's become part of our Valentine's Day tradition.  We also like having a mini party with the kids to make it more special for them.  We decorate the house and make a fun Valentine's Day dinner together and give them a few small gifts and treats.  

 Maybe you can make some of these sweet treats, too!

 We love how easy these are to make!

      I just reuse egg cartons to hold them in place.


This was our first time trying these designs so we haven't perfected them yet but my kids, especially, my little girl loves how they turned out.  She's into anything with hearts and pink!


My son wanted chocolate-chip cookies so we used red candy melts to add into this recipe, too.  We'll have to add in more next time to increase the red color and cocoa powder to make red velvet cookies.

We had rose and heart candy molds so we made some of these also and...  

Red hot chocolate for a warm Valentine's Day drink...

Red Hot Chocolate Recipe



  • 1 1/3 cups milk, divide in half (I used soy milk)
  • 1/2 cup red candy melts
  • whip cream (optional)
  • red sprinkles (optional)
  • Mix the milk and candy melts in the pot until the candy melts are melted.  Stir until smooth.
  • Pour in remaining milk until warm.
  • Add whip cream and sprinkles if you like.  We ran out of those two ingredients so we weren't able to add them but I'm sure it would be delicious! 
You can also try this with pink or white candy melts.. This would make a nice Valentine's Day drink for the kids!

What treats are you whipping up for Valentine's Day?  Any Valentine's Day traditions you share with family?  

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Hope everyone has a sweet Valentine's Day!