Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bacon for Dessert? Check Out Sweet Theory Baking Co.

Valentine's Day is approaching fast.  It's a day filled with love and typically, some sweet treats.  My family and I are constantly looking for places to grab a bite to satisfy are sweet tooth. We don't go out much to give in to our sugary desires as we try to make most of our desserts at home as a family affair.  When we do find a place we like, it's hard for us to forget about it.  Sweet Theory Baking Co. in Jacksonville is one of those places.  They offer gluten-free, allergy-free treats that are delicious!  I adore the vintage decor in this quaint space.  The friendly staff, sweet goodies and vintage setting all make for a lovely experience.

This is the perfect place to grab a quick dessert when you are craving a little something to quench your sugar hunger.   It will make for a nice stop to pick up some sweets for your sweetie for Valentine's Day, too, or stop by and grab something sweet together! 

Cinnamon Roll
This is whay my little boy ordered.  Now that he knows this place
is right by his school, he always ask to make a stop here.

Strawberry donut for my little girl.

She licked all the icing off... her favorite part, of course!

Bacon makes for yummy dessert -
Hubby indulged in the Maple Bacon donut.
They're delicious!

I tried the Mocha Coconut donut...it was amazing!

Cinnamon roll ...almost devoured!  


Hibiscus Italian Soda
The ladies there were gracious enough to let
Hubby try this on the house.
It was refreshingly good!


Are you planning on grabbing some sweets for Valentine's Day?  Here are some other places in the Jacksonville area to pick up some dessert: 

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Enjoy the week and have fun planning for Valentine's Day!