Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby Footless Sandals for Valentine's Day

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Valentine's Day Footwear for Babies

All the Valentine's excitement has got me in the mood to decorate the house and make cutesy Valentine things to wear, too, like these baby footless sandals to adorn little girls' feet.  I started making these when my daughter was a baby and since she wears actual shoes now, she doesn't wear these anymore.  She has lots of them in different colors made with random fabric prints that I reused mostly from my old clothes. I just thought I'd share this DIY project for anyone interested in making something like these for a baby girl to go with her outfit for Valentine's Day.  They're great for decorating her feet for Valentine's photos.

They're easy to make and you can get as creative as you like with them.   I used black and red felt, cutting them into heart shapes.  The black elastic band that goes underneath are from bra straps that I never got to use.  You can buy felt and different fabric hearts in the craft stores instead of cutting out your own, too.

I used a long red ribbon to tie them around a couple times on her ankle.  Using the ribbon allows you to readjust it for sizing so the baby can wear it for a little while as she grows.  I've made them before with elastic, also.  It's easier to put on using elastic bands because you just slip them around her ankles without tying.  

My little girl likes the ribbon, however, and tying it up her leg like the picture below.  You can tie the bow on the side or the back.  

I ran out of white elastic for the part that goes under her foot.  Ideally, you would probably want to match the elastic color with the overall design.  

You can also double up the elastic bands under the foot or use a thicker band like I did with the heart sandals.  I took some artificial flowers I wasn't using and removed the stems from them.  I cut out some hearts from felt and hot glued them to the center of the flowers.

I made this flower from a fabric I wasn't using, either.  

She wanted to wear it as a bracelet.  You can also attach the elastic band closer to the center to use as a hair tie.

Here are a few more samples of baby footless sandals I've made reusing old clothes.

 I think baby footless sandals are adorable on baby's precious feet!  You can make them yourself or buy them.  If you have some fabric or old clothes that you don't want to donate, this is another idea instead of throwing them out!  

Footless sandals are perfect for babies who don't walk or crawl around much.  It can be worn to add something extra to their outfits if you want to show off their toes instead of wearing shoes.  They're best for photo ops.  I didn't have a lot of time to write up a whole DIY tutorial on these footless sandals but that's in the works!  Hope you liked this idea!  They're very popular now and will be a nice touch for baby's Valentine attire if she's taking pics or going out!

I've been making plans for Valentine's Day all week for my Hubby and kids.  It's an exciting day for my son who is in Kindergarten as they will be celebrating the day with a party and lots of goodies.  He keeps asking me to make muffins, cookies and brownies.  So far, we have the Star Wars Valentine cards ready to go!

Have you been creating any fun projects for Valentine's Day? 

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