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Baby Diaper Bassinet

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles 

 A couple weeks ago, I went to a friend's baby shower for a future baby girl.  I like giving diaper cakes as gifts because all babies need diapers and because diaper cakes are so adorable!  This time, however, I wanted to make something different so I chose to make a diaper bassinet.  It was fun to make and simple to do.  Also, I like diaper gifts for baby showers because you can get creative with the gifts and coordinate it with the theme of the baby shower or the baby's nursery.  The long part for this diaper gift was making the homemade tutu that I tied around it.  The hardest part was just trying to figure out the overall design I wanted.  After that, it was trial and error since it was my first time making a diaper bassinet.  

Baby Shower Gifts, Diaper Cake

DIY Baby Shower Bassinet

baby gift, baby shower, diaper bassinet

When I arrived at the baby shower, it turned out that there were already multiple diaper cakes other guests made as gifts.  I understand why...like I said, they are fun to make, creative and adorable!  I'm glad I tried out the diaper bassinet to be a little bit different this time!

diaper bassinet, baby gift, baby shower

How to Make a Baby Diaper Bassinet 

For this diaper bassinet, I made a medium one by starting off with using a size 5/6 women's shoe box.  It would be better to use two shoe boxes, one for the base and one to place as the head of the bassinet, but I did not have another empty shoe box on hand.  I just used the lid of the same shoe box so it was not as wide as I would have liked.

To fix the difference, I doubled up on the diapers at the top to round it off and make it thicker. I just laid two open diapers around the lid.  I wrapped a few layers of tissue paper around the box.

On the back of the bassinet, I had one flat, closed diaper standing up straight, covered by the rolled diapers and secured by the top diapers by placing it inside the folds.

baby diaper bassinet, diaper gift

I rolled diapers all around the box, tying them with ribbon.  I found that small rubber bands work best to keep them rolled tight.  I tied one long piece of ribbon around the whole box to keep all the diapers together.

diaper bassinet, diaper cake

Tying the long ribbon around the box to start with, then inserting the diapers in between the ribbon and the box makes it easier to keep all the diapers together.  Using a large rubber band would work much better, also.
baby diaper cake, diaper bassinet

I placed some unrolled and rolled diapers inside the box.  The rolled diapers underneath the top of the bassinet helped round it out.  I added some flowers using tape so as not to damage the diapers.
baby diaper gift, diaper bassinet

The baby girl's theme for her nursery is owls so I went with an owl bath mitt to place inside. I later added in a box of cotton swabs under the owl, along with scattering the contents of a box of safety outlet plugs.  (The box wouldn't fit so I opened it up).

I would have chosen other bath items instead to place with this but I had already bought the other items before I decided to make this bassinet.

diaper bassinet, diaper cake, baby shower

I forgot to place a base under the diaper bassinet to hold it all together.  I ended it up using a piece of cardboard from an appliance box I had kept.  Ideally, you want to take care of this step at the beginning so you can cover it with something like tissue paper, too.

diaper bassinet, baby shower gift

baby, diaper bassinet, diaper gift
diaper bassinet, baby gift, baby shower diaper cake

I made the tutu using the pink ribbon around the bassinet then tied it all back together.  I finished the gift off by tying some pink tulle around the bottom to the top to make sure nothing falls out.

Baby Shower Centerpiece or Baby Shower Decoration 


diaper cake, baby diaper bassinet

I went through lots of trial and error with this first diaper bassinet.  I'm excited to try making another one soon.  They're easy to make once you figure out the design and have all the material and other gift items you want to add in.  Being prepared is key and making sure you don't miss any steps to keep everything snug and tight.

baby gifts, baby shower, diaper cake

These cute baby diaper bassinets are perfect gifts for baby showers and make adorable baby shower centerpieces on tables if you make them small enough.  You can make a big diaper bassinet to use as decoration for the gift table.  Adding the tutu around the bassinet works well for a baby girl because she can wear the tutu when she gets a little older.


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