Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bring on More Vacations

Thursday is here and I can feel another week coming to a close.  I don't mind because that means the weekend will be here shortly.  I'm looking forward to this weekend because Hubby will be off again for four days!  That's exciting for us because he rarely gets long weekends and more than one or two days off at a time.  

Our wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday so this weekend we plan on going away once more ...but (and that's a big BUT)...we will be traveling without the kids!  That is, if everything goes as planned.  

You can see why I'm excited ....but also nervous since we've never been away from the kids that long.  

Today, I just wanted to share more of our experience from our stay in Orlando last weekend.

We had a great time just relaxing without a whole lot planned.  Nowadays, I prefer to just stay in the hotel and enjoy their amenities instead of having a whole itinerary scheduled because that can get exhausting with two munchkins!  

We did take the kids around Downtown Disney, one of their favorite places to visit whenever we go to Orlando.  It's always fun for them but it can get pricey if you're not careful.  We let the kids buy some toys and Lyla Brielle made her own Dinosaur at the T-Rex Cafe, we ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich and then stopped for dessert at Goofy's Candy Co..  

So, I did hurt our wallet a bit!

The first store we stopped at was D Street.  I love the Vinylmation figures they have there. They had the characters from the movie, Frozen, as well.
Then, we stayed awhile at the T-Rex Cafe which has the dinosaur-themed restaurant, Build-A-Dino for you to make your own stuffed dinosaurs and a fossil dig at the Paleo Zone.
She was so happy about making a pretty dinosaur...she named it "Babysaurus"
and would not let us take it out of the box.  She insisted
on carrying it herself.

The kids enjoyed digging for dino fossils at the Paleo Zone.
I liked that they had a large sink to wash your hands.

Next stop, Once Upon A Toy.  Lyla Brielle loves playing with the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys so this was great for her since they had a table where you could design all kinds of potato heads.  Afterward, she discovered the Star Wars light sabers which was a bit too heavy for her to carry.

Then we had to make a stop at Goofy's Candy Co. because what kid doesn't like candy and sugar?  You can make your own custom treat which is what Lyla did.  She had them make a Mickey Mouse gingerbread and Oreo cookie with milk chocolate drizzled with white chocolate...or at least, I think that's everything that was on it!  Either way, it was delicious!

Look at all those goodies!
You can make your own custom treat and that's what Lyla B. did.
She had them make a Mickey Mouse gingerbread and Oreo chocolate cookie
drizzled  with white chocolate.
At least, I think that was everything on it...I can't remember it all now but I do was delicious!

Brody opted for the colorful lollipop.
They had this fun mirror which Brody thought was the best thing ever.
His face was distorted in the weirdest ways, which he found amazing and Lyla found gross.
Oh, my goofy little boy!

The kids love riding on the ferry boat.  It's so convenient because we didn't have to walk across the whole place again to get back to our car.  

After Downtown Disney, we finally checked in at the hotel where
Brody was begging to go.

That's the main thing he wanted to do while on vacation: 
just stay at a hotel so he can swim in the indoor pool and relax in the hot tub.

The hot tub was amazing after all the walking and because 
it was cold out that day so the warmth healed our tired, cold bones.

The hotel was awesome and I'll have to talk about that next post 
because it is now one of our favorites!

The next day we went to Dave and Buster's.  
Brody was excited about the Transformers game
but Lyla thought it was too loud.

The kids had a great time here and want to come back soon.
When we went to pick out prizes, we were surprised but grateful to be given 430 tickets by some generous folks in front of us.  

On the way back to Jacksonville, we decided to take the scenic route instead of staying on the highway.  We took a pleasant detour through Daytona, had lunch at Starlite Diner and spent some time on the beach (see pics from the beach here).

Taking the scenic route was worth it.  It took a little bit longer to drive home but we got to see several farms, animals and nicer scenery then just a long stretch of dull high way.
I'm glad we slowed down and took the long way home...the weather was nice and I loved the opportunity to take more photos, of course!
Sometimes, you have to slow down and enjoy the view!

Taking the scenic route actually saved us on gas, too!

I'm happy we got to get away from reality for awhile and I'm looking forward to more vacations, big and small, this year.  

Any big or small vacation plans this year?  Need ideas on what to do this weekend? Here are some events going on around the Jacksonville area:

  • Jan 24th: $5 Fridays this month at the Jacksonville Zoo.  Go here for info. 
  • Jan. 24th: Bonfire and Night Walk at UNF 6 pm.  Go here for info.
  • Jan. 25th: Yesterdays Festival at Keystone Heights 9-5 pm. Go here for info.
  • Jan. 26th: Sunday ArtFusion-Butterfly Punch Art at MOCA 12 pm. Go here for info.

Have a wonderful weekend!