Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Breakfast, Baking, Owls and I, Frankenstein: Ingredients for a Fun Weekend

I love watching movies, it's a relaxing, no-brainer activity.  Taking care of kids, mainly my toddler all day, rarely gives me down time so at night, Hubby and I wind down from the stresses of the day by watching TV or movies.  This past weekend we watched I, Frankenstein...kid-free!  

I know, with our current life, it's a rare occasion!

We were originally going to go out of town without the kids but Hubby hasn't been feeling well.  It's been off and on so we didn't want to attempt to go six hours away from home only to find him sick again.  

We still managed to have a fun weekend:

  • On Friday, we had breakfast at Cool Moose Cafe in Riverside.  It was our first time there and it was delicious and filling.  I'll have a post on that soon!
  • On Saturday, we baked cookies and made chocolate-covered marshmallows together, something we've been doing more often since the kids love to take part in the kitchen activities.  
  • Afterward, we visited the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens to check out the barred owl presentation.  That was our first time visiting there, as well.  Post on that coming soon, too!  
  • We finally dropped off the kids to stay at my parents' house for the night and the next day.  We returned home, stayed in to watch movies, drank margaritas  and gave each other massages.  
  • Sunday, we caught a movie: I, Frankenstein.  We haven't been in awhile so I'm happy we were able to finally enjoy one (outside of our house)!  

****Warning: Spoiler Alert****

What I liked about the movie and what you may like, too:  
  • There were no slow stops in the movie.  It was set at a good pace and wasn't choppy 
  • The story line flowed well and it was easy to keep up with 
  • Action-packed
  • The plot involved the war between good versus evil; demons and angels battling it out by throwing gargoyles and Frankenstein's monster into the mix.  I'm into that stuff so if you are, too, you might like it
  • You want to cheer for "the monster" to be the hero, to prove both sides wrong
  • Gargoyles playing a major part of the on-going war between good and evil  
  • Shows that just because you're created without a soul, doesn't mean you can't earn one
  • The concept that everyone wants a companion, someone to share their life with ...so kinda worked out as a semi-romantic date movie to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend
It was our seven-year wedding anniversary yesterday so that's why we had planned to go away for the weekend together.  It worked out perfectly, however, that we were able to see a movie that we both could enjoy.  I know the reviews were on the negative side but in my opinion, it wasn't so bad.  

I think I liked it because I wasn't expecting anything from it at all.  I didn't hear a whole lot about it before hand.  Most importantly, I enjoyed the company I watched it with and I was actually watching a movie outside of my home...without having to wait until the kids went to bed!  

All in all, I, Frankenstein, this modern day movie about Frankenstein's monster, showed that no matter who or what you are, we are all seeking the same thing: to find our purpose in life and to fulfill the longing we each have to share that life with another being; whether it be human, monster or gargoyle.

 I'm glad I found my own monster to share my life...and candy with ...during a movie!  

Have you watched any interesting movies lately?

Enjoy your week!