Friday, January 31, 2014

Best Thing This Month and Beginnings to a Good Year

January is coming to a close...

I can't believe January is over!  It's been a good month, a great start to a new year and hopefully, it will continue like that for the rest of 2014.  I'll have to be mentally prepared and ready for what the rest of the year brings me.  Something that continues to amaze me, regardless of my mental preparations, are how much my kids grow and learn in just a matter of a few weeks.  I'm excited to see what great feats will they accomplish the rest of the year!  

Best thing this month...

One thing that stands out to me from this month is that my two-year-old daughter articulates her words better and can say longer sentences.  So far, my favorite sentence she learned this month is to state, "You're the bestest Mommy ever!"  

It melts my heart to hear that, no matter how many times she repeats it.  She has now moved on to include Daddy when she says, "You're the bestest Daddy ever!" and even her big brother, Brody: "The bestest Brody ever!" 

Other memorable words she has picked up recently are "Awesome!" and "Awwkkkwarrd."  All from her big bro, of course!

She definitely is having a great year so far!  How about you all?  How are your New Years Resolutions going?  I'm still working on mine, trying to keep it up. 

Some Goals and Improvements I've worked on this month...

  1. Finished painting my dresser - post on that soon! Looking forward to more DIY projects and home improvement next month as I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom and living room
  2. Tried out lots of new places to eat 
  3. Discovered new places to take kids like Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens
  4. Visited Daytona Beach, somewhere I haven't been in years and it was kids' first time there
  5. Took lots of great photos this month, inspiring me to take more next month
  6. Tightened up the direction for a book I'm working on
  7. Began another book that's non-fiction 
  8. Began new routine with Hubby: we're taking turns cooking meals and actually having a menu planned out for the week to make things easier on us
  9. Cooked/baked with Hubby and kids regularly, giving us more to do together to spend quality time and it's improving our cooking skills!
And of course, so much more to do next month, (a short month), so need to get busy now!

Beginnings to a Good Year...

We're still in the early part of the year, although, I admit, it's rolling along fast!  I'm going to stay optimistic and keep my eye on all I want done this year.  It's become a daily thing for my little girl to tell me, "You're the bestest Mommy ever!" which I'm grateful for, it keeps me motivated and reminds me that no matter what happens this year, as long as I spend lots of time with the kids and show them lots of love, the year will be "Awesome!"  

I wonder what new words and sentences she'll pick up next month...

It's been an extraordinarily cold month, particularly for us here in Florida but I know the warm weather is just around the corner.  

Keep working on those resolutions and improvements in life!  !

Enjoy your weekend and good luck on those goals!  

See you next month!


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