Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beach Detour to Daytona Beach

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Exploring Daytona Beach, FL


I hope I'm finding you all warm and well!  Since this past weekend was a long one for my son because of planning day and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday, we decided to take a vacation in Orlando. On the way home, we took a slight detour to Daytona Beach.  

I have fond memories of this place since I made several trips here during high school for our Junior ROTC drill meets and Kitty Hawk Conventions. My kids and I love the beach and so I thought it would be a pleasant surprise to take them to this one.  They have never been here and it's been years since I have visited.  

At first, the weather was not looking so well for us to actually get out of the car and walk on the beach.  It began to sprinkle while we were trying to find a place to park. Instead, we stopped by a diner to grab a bite to eat thinking that afterward, we would just head back home. Fortunately, the light rain stopped and we were able to find a nice place to park and enjoy the beach for a little while.


I love that Florida's weather allows us to still enjoy spending time on the beach even during the winter season...because we all know, winter doesn't really exist here in Florida!

Beautiful clouds

I recently began using this app on my phone to edit some photos, which I used to edit the two pictures below.  It's called "Pipcamera" and I love it so far!  

Since today's post was loaded with photos, I want to mention the app, Groovebook, that I use on my phone to print out a monthly photo book with no hassle.  I know many of us rarely print out photos since we usually post them on-line but sometimes, it's nice to have them on physical pages to flip through.  The cost is $2.99 monthly and that includes the processing, shipping and handling.  The pages are glossy and perforated, so you can tear out the pictures.  If you think you would benefit from using a convenient app like this, too, then try it out for free!  Use this coupon code to get your first book: NETTLES5.

Check them out on their Facebook page:

We are experiencing a touch of winter here today!  It's a bit cold out so I hope you're staying warm!  









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