Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baking with Sweet Potato

Happy Tuesday!  There was a veil of fog that blanketed Jacksonville today as I drove my son to school but nevertheless, it is still clear that the feel of the holidays are in the air! To me, the holidays bring about pros and cons.  Some of the positives I enjoy about the holidays are the cheery, warm music which I have been listening to and of course, the delicious food!  Who doesn't like to get uncomfortably stuffed to the brink during the holidays?  I for one, will not deny my love for pigging out during this season!

Maybe a big reason for that is because I myself have come to embrace cooking and baking over the past several years.  A food I have grown to love baking with is sweet potato, particularly around this time of the year.  Therefore, last week for hubby's Thanksgiving feast at work, I decided to try a new sweet potato recipe.  Here it is:

Sweet Potato Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Chocolate Chips

I had to put the cake in a pie crust so it was more like a pie.  

I had extra batter from the batch so I poured some into cupcake liners.

Cream cheese icing is my weakness!

I found this delicious recipe HERE on Pinterest (the picture on there is fancier so looks more appealing than my pics here but it's okay, I'll make it prettier next time).  I did change a few ingredients for my own purposes.  For instance, I did not add any pecans since my hubby is allergic to all nuts. Also, he requested chocolate chips so I threw in a few scoops of that.  Last, I totally forgot to get any type of non-stick spray so I just used a ready-made pie crust to bake it in.  Instead of a cake, it turned into a pie with the pie crust.  Hey, that's how things work when you're forgetful and then run out of time to run back out to the store!  

And so the chaos of life struck again... but awesome news, hubby said they loved it and many people were upset when there was not anymore.  Only a few people were able to try it since I only made one pie. Ooops.  Now I know to make at least two next time.  

Try it out and maybe add in some chocolate chips in there, too.  My kids loved it since they are chocolate lovers!  I loved it because cream cheese icing is my fave and sweet potato still counts as a veggie!  Whaaattt???  The kids ate some type of vegetable: goal achieved!!!

We have a couple Christmas pot luck parties we're planning on attending this month so I'll probably be bringing this dessert.  I may make more changes to the recipe to try it out a little bit differently.  That's what I think is so awesome with cooking and baking - it's all about trying new things and finding new ways to make the flavor and taste your own!

What new recipes will you be trying during the holidays?

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Enjoy your Tuesday!